Story: 2018 - Chapter 1 (Pg 1 - 7)

Will I keep up this series for an entire YEAR?

Time will soon tell, but it'll be good to see if I can keep it up for the next 52 weeks of the year.

I'm like looking back on memories and old times, that's why Timehop is one of my favourite apps, I know it only shows social media tweets and pictures, but it's still a reminder of things you've said and memories you've made. It'll be interesting for me to view this at the end of the year as kind of a nostalgic recap of my 2018.

P A G E  1
The first day of 2018, the day where some of us are hungover and genuinely just feeling bleh. I literally have sat in my house all day and done sod all. No point going anywhere when there's no shops open. The only productive thing I've done today is upgrade my IPhone. And Liverpool won in the last minute against Burnley - happy days.
P A G E  2
One thing that almost makes me want to cry - sending clothes back cause they don't suit me. I bought this white shirt from ASOS in the sale, you know when something looks good online but when it arrives, it looks completely different on yourself than it does on the model online? I know she's a size 6/8 and I'm a wearing a size 12 but still! This shirt made me look like somebody who belonged in the Tudor era. Time to send it back.
P A G E  3
So my new IPhone 8 arrived in the post. The excitement of seeing your brand new, clean, un-fingerprinted and unscratched phone for the first time is completely over marred when you turn it on and have to set it up. Literally praying my photos don't disappear, downloading and re-signing in my apps again and swapping my number to my new SIM. Am I the only one who keeps the same phone number over and over again!
 P A G E  4
If you don't love a Full English breakfast as much as I do, then we can't be friends. I absolutely devour my Toby Carvery all-you-can-eat breakfast. It's worth taking six Creon's for! I got an email from my dentist today saying I'm due a check up. I could always claim I never got the email, right?
Also, there may have been a few tears watching DIY SOS - The Big Build tonight.
P A G E  5
My first trip to Llandough was a short visit. A port flush from the nurse and a pit stop to pharmacy and I was out of there. Don't need to go back until next month for my annual review. All thoughts for the rest of my day are now dedicated to the Merseyside Derby tonight, even though I'll have sweaty palms during the 90 minutes. Update: 2-1 against our bitter rivals -
P A G E  6 
Had a lovely little parcel in the post from Papier - is it weird to say that I've fallen in love with a diary?! Yeah, now that I've said it, it does sound a little weird...
Anyway, I love the personalisation detail on the front, I will definitely be writing my blogging to-do's and hospital appointments in there!
But my day has ended a little downheartedly when the little magician (Philippe Coutinho) has now left Liverpool for pastures new in Barcelona. Good luck Phil!
 P A G E  7
It's my last day off before I go back to work tomorrow after a lovely long two weeks off. So I'm making the most of it by having the most laziest day possible! The best part of my day being my local team Newport County beating Leeds in the FA Cup to get through to the next round! I am praying my backside off that Newport get drawn against Liverpool in the next round! *fingers crossed*
I now go to bed, setting my alarm for 6am and dread the thought of getting back to my work routine until February half term.


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