Lookbook: Slim Leg Trousers

I haven't done a Lookbook post for well over a month now! I do apologise!

It's hard to do these posts all the time as I can't keep buying new clothes, my wardrobes are holding more than they care to. Plus there's the money side of things, if there was a money tree at the bottom of my garden my wardrobe would be full of Chanel and Christian Louboutin heels.


I did buy these lovely slim leg trousers from Peacocks (similar) just before Christmas. I'd been looking for some slim leg trousers for a while and these were just perfect. Before I'd spotted this while popping into Peacocks on the off chance, I'd seen pairs in other high street stores with a £30-£40 price tag on slim leg trousers I liked. Now, I know I do love to spend some money on clothes, but I love a bargain like the next person. I knew I could probably find a pair somewhere a little less expensive. That's why it's always important to shop and look around.
They are great to wear for work, well, not for me as such working with kids. For me they are great for a night out. The perfect day to night item.

Now, there's two tops I wear with these trousers:

This Zara top , which incidentally is on sale right now and New Look heels , which are also on sale:
(Please excuse the creased top, it's an odd silk material which is a bugger to iron!)

January sales, where would we be without them?!

For that day to night out look, wear these trousers with a white shirt, like this one from H&M .
Of course you can wear flats with these, for example, these lovely pair of black patent leather loafers from ASOS.
What do you think of these outfit ideas?

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  1. These are two really lovely outfits. Those shoes look gorgeous.