Story: 2018 - Chapter 1 (Pages 22 - 28)

P A G E  22
Has there been a weekend? Like seriously? The days have felt like this - Friday - blur - Monday. In work the kids carried out a heart rate experiment during P.E. I was almost tempted to join in with the star jumps but I don't think it would have looked good coughing up a load of phlegm in front of them! The only thing that has kept me going in work today is knowing Liverpool are playing tonight.
*Update - lost 2-1 to Swansea. Bugger.

P A G E  23
I woke up this morning in the most foul mood. There is no worst feeling than this...
I received this t shirt in the post yesterday but completely forgot to mention it until today! Oops! It completely sums myself and my life in general! Thank you to Broken Heart Tees for making this fab t shirt! Every £2 from each sale goes to different charities. What a lovely gesture!

P A G E  24
We are halfway through the week and I am officially drained. It's been such a mad few days in work. The only highlight of my day being my Feel Unique parcel waiting for me on my doormat at home.

P A G E  25
I published a CF post about the things you shouldn't say to people with CF and I can't believe the lovely response I have had from everyone! Thank you to everyone for reading it and finding it funny and relatable! 

P A G E  26
I'm that tired this morning that I nearly left the house with my slippers still on my feet. *face palm*.
One thing I do love is friendly checkout people in supermarkets. This happened in Morrison's today -
I think that is the first and only time I will get a high five from someone working in Morrison's!
P A G E  27
I finally bought some new Nike trainers after years of using the same ones I had. I knew I needed new trainers when, even after going in the wash, the laces still looked a little discoloured. These trainers are gorgeous!
One thing that has fascinated me is that Newport had a pink sky today. I couldn't get a good picture on my phone to show you, but it was simply stunning. Another highlight of my day is watching my local team, Newport County, get a draw against Spurs! Absolutely buzzing for them!
After watching County play, it was onto to Anfield for Liverpool's game against West Brom, unfortunately, the result wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but thank god for vodka.

P A G E  28
One thing that has brightened up my day today is that the CF petition to get Orkambi on the NHS has finally reached 100,000!
Let's hope this will be the start of something life changing, not just me for me, but for other thousands of others with CF *fingers crossed*

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