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20 January 2018

Lookbook: Pink Jumper

I've said this before, I'm always wanting to buy jumpers. I seem to be slightly obsessed with searching for jumpers or anything that will keep my arms and chest remotely warm. This winter I have been determined to stock up on jumpers, I don’t fancy wanting to wear my work jumpers on the weekend! So I was scrolling through ASOS and I found this cute and simple blush pink jumper which was £8 in the sale.

I never usually buy pink clothes. I never thought pink suited me, but because this shade of pink isn't too bright and vibrant, it looks better on me. I'm not a fan of the bright pink, I don't want to look like I'm going to an 80's disco! tapping or clicking the items below, you can easily buy them with one tap of the button. Simple.


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