My goals for 2018

Let me start by saying Happy New Year to you all! It's page 1 of our 365 page story entitled 'My 2018'.
I'm sure there are many of you having made their resolutions are starting to regret making them. Never make a resolution when you have 3 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of vodka inside of you!

Would I say I got New Year's resolutions?

No, I prefer to make to have long term goals. Resolutions usually only last a few weeks or even just a few days if that. I think having long term goals gives you more motivation to strive for what you want to achieve for the year ahead.

I've been thinking about what I want my goals for 2018 to be, there are quite a few that can be fulfilled, but some not quite so much, like winning the Lottery. I don't like to make goals that are near on impossible to achieve. I will feel like I've let myself down if I can't accomplish them.

So I've narrowed my more reasonable goals for 2018 and here they are:
A  G O O D  Y E A R  H E A L T H - W I S E 
I went through another calendar year in 2017 without needing IV's. Can I do it again? I didn't think I would get through 2017 without having IV's so who knows?! I had a cracking year health-wise and I hope all I'll need to go to the hospital for this year is just for hospital appointments, nerve-wracking lung function tests and port flushes!
C H A N G I N G  M Y  C A R E E R
Now, this was one goal I was umming and arring about mentioning. Yes, I want a complete change career-wise. As much as I love working in schools and helping children, I can't see myself doing it forever. In my job, I can't advance any further, that's something that annoys me a tiny bit. I want to be able to reach for new horizons and not be too shy to do so. My biggest passion is writing. I've always loved ever since I was wearing school uniform writing my first 'Once upon a time' story in primary school. My ultimate dream of dreams is to write for Liverpool Football Club. Like said, it's a dream, but possible to achieve.
G O  T O  L I V E R P O O L  A G A I N
I only went once last year - I need to go again at least twice this year. I have already booked to go again this year, you will soon find out when...
But yes, my happy place is called my happy place for a reason and I shall see you soon my darling Liverpool. Here's to more, as me and my best friend Tasha say "Heart falling out your arse" memories.
F I N D  M Y  B L O G  N I C H E
This is something I've been looking to do for a while now. What blog posts do I like writing about the most? What sort of blogger do I like to class myself as? Am I more of a lifestyle blogger than a fashion blogger? These are the questions I am aiming to answer in the coming weeks. I need to establish myself as one or two category blogger. Or I could just class myself as the blogger who writes a mixture of different subjects and topics. Hmm, tough decision...
F O C U S  O N  M E
Yes, this does sound a tiny bit selfish, but bear with me. In 2017, I didn't really think about what was best for me, I always like to make others happy before myself. Some may say that's a good characteristic to have, others may say that it's a personal flaw. The last few weeks of 2017 were a real big example. Making a decision to please others when it was making me unhappy. Why did I do that?! I need to put my happiness and welfare first sometimes, so that's what I will do in 2018.
What are your goals for 2018?

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