Story: 2018 - Chapter 1 (Pages 15 - 21)

P A G E  15
I love getting up on a Monday morning (wait a minute!) when Liverpool have won on the weekend. It makes my first day back at work after the weekend a whole lot easier! But helping the children paint historical Tudor figures to scale was all but fun, well for the kids it was, but not for me after having to clean the paint palettes afterwards! But getting emails saying my order were ready to be picked up for New Look certainly brightened the end of my day. But me being me, this happened...
 P A G E  16
Watching 24 Hours in A&E should make us all see that we should do whatever we bloody well can to save the NHS! I'm ever so grateful to the NHS, because without it, I wouldn't be sat here typing this. I don't mean to get all political on here but it's true!
P A G E  17
I probably had the most fun lunch hour in work today. One of the kids brought in the Emoji card game in to play with the other kids in the class. Of course, Miss Taylor had to play and I ended being voted as the winner of the best monkey impression. Ooh ooh ah ah ah! I also lost a thumb war to a 10 year old which isn't good. #Fail.

P A G E  18
I ordered my new iPhone 8 case from Nievus a while ago and after a long day in work it was so lovely to come home to this little parcel on my 'Welcome' mat behind the front door. Pink, rose gold and marble = Lucy's colours.
I am also jealous of anyone who was at Cardiff Castle today and managed to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. How lucky were those people?!
P A G E  19
I cannot tell you how happy I am that it's Friday today! I am absolutely knackered and I'm literally daydreaming of my lie in tomorrow morning! Making hot chocolate for the kids as a class treat was a bonus as I got to eat the last of the marshmallows! But fellow blogger Luke Heywood has completely made my day by including me in his Follow Friday post! Thanks again Luke! I'm sat down watching The Graham Norton Show and Jamie Dornan appears on my TV screen. Night is made, goodnight. 
P A G E  20
I think I literally had the best nights sleep EVER. I've woken up feeling refreshed and ready to kick ass this Saturday! After a day of exercise, food shopping and drinking rose, I had quite an emotional moment tonight -

I think that's what you call true love right there.

P A G E  21
I wake up this Sunday morning to the sound of heavy rain tapping the window. But when I look on Twitter for my morning social media scrolling sesh, I notice everybody is tweeting about SNOW.

I also had a huge clothes and shoes clear out. I loves having a good sort out, there's no point in hanging onto clothes that I don't wear anymore or I can't see myself wearing ever again.


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