Story: 2018 - Chapter 1 (Pages 8 - 14)

P A G E  8
My god getting up at 6am was bloody hard today. Well, waking up after 8:30am for the last two weeks, it was always going to be a struggle. But it was lovely to see the people I work. After saying "Happy New Year" and "Did you have a nice Christmas?" god knows how many times, it was time to greet the kids and ask them all about their Christmases. Remember the days when we used to ask for a bike, the newest Barbie or, for me, a Jacqueline Wilson book? Nowadays it's an IPhone, tablet or Fitbit. How times have changed.
P A G E  9
I'm sat in work, it's my lunch hour, I get an email from ASOS telling me that they have successfully delivered my parcel. I hate it when I get that email when I'm not home! It means I have to wait three bloody hours until I finish work and drive home to rip it open! But it was well worth the wait, two new pairs of shoes and a jumper all in the sale. I loves a good bargain.

 P A G E  10
Ten days into 2018 and I finally completed my first gym session! It was absolutely packed in there, full of all the people who have made 'join the gym' one of their New Year's resolutions. Watching everyone in the gym made me realise that I am in desperate need of some new gym wear. Looking forward to payday so I can have a shop around! 

P A G E  11
Tonight really made me see that there are still kind and genuinely decent people in this world. Meeting Donna and Kevin after the incredible and selfless gesture they did for my best friend Natasha and her little warrior Cara.
P A G E  12
Any bloggers can and who I feel on this, but isn't it a heartwarming feeling when you get mentioned and complimented in another blogger's post?! The lovely Nia wrote a post about 10 Female Welsh Bloggers To Watch in 2018 and she included me in her top 10! Thank you so much Nia, after such a rough day you've really cheered me up!
P A G E  13
So I'm driving in the car with my Mam, taking her to the hairdressers and she randomly just pipes up and says this:
Driving along quietly in the car with my Mam -
 Little thank you's like this truly brighten my day, knowing you are appreciated for the little things you do makes you feel amazing.

P A G E  14
Seriously, why the hell does the weekend go so quickly? Today I have probably had my most productive day in a while. I cleaned down the kitchen, done over an hour's worth of exercise, cleaned the inside of my car, took some blogging photos, done my physiotherapy and sorted my medication tablet box for the week all before 4pm so I could sit down and watch Liverpool vs Manchester City.
Update - A thrilling 4-3 win for us - GET IN! 

I also watched the Royal Family documentary 'The Coronation' on BBC 1. What a wonderful and insightful programme! The Queen is a truly remarkable lady.


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