Autumn - The clichés

We're officially into Autumn and I am actually looking forward to walking outside in the cooler air and stepping on crunchy leaves, like the big-hearted kid I am.

The tartan scarves, the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Costa and baggy jumpers - let's face it, us as a millennial nation are ready for Autumn.

Before now, I never used to favour the Autumn season. I never saw the hype surrounding it, to me it just meant it was time to dig out my jumpers and coats so they would replace my shorts and crop tops hung up in my wardrobe.

Now, probably since a became a blogger, I have learnt to embrace this season and I have fallen in love with it. Let's face it, it is the most aesthetically pleasing season out of the four.

Here are the Autumn clichés I am wholeheartedly embracing! -

I am actually looking forward to walking in my local park for some exercise and seeing all the orange/red/brown leaves scattered all over the grass and path. One sound I do adore listening to is the crunching noise you hear when you stand on dry leaves. Except when they're soggy, then you're lucky if you don't slip whilst walking over them. I know I've done that a couple of times before.

Ok, this doesn't need debating, Autumnal colours are just beautiful, case closed. There's nothing better than watching the leaves change colour from luscious green to a warming orange and red hue. Just seeing them spread across the paths is a lovely sight. 

Or check, or plaid. Well, whatever you want to call it, it wouldn't be Autumn if you didn't own or adorn this pattern throughout this season. Obviously tartan scarves are a must, I must remind myself to buy one. I need one in my life. I know I got a few scarves that can keep my neck warm, but a tartan, or check, or plaid scarf is a necessity for Autumn.

This fruit (yes, it is a fruit, check Wikipedia) does a vanishing act for about 9-10 months of the year, now September comes and I'll walk into Morrison's and see them stacked on top of each other as I walk through the main entrance. This is confession time - I have never eaten or carved a pumpkin before in my life. Probably because I associate pumpkins with Halloween. Halloween isn't my favourite day of the year. I think we'll just leave that one there.
The days of holding conker tournaments on the yard in school. Conker season meant that all we heard at break and lunch times was the sound of conkers crashing into each other. I always had the crappy conkers, but it was always great to take part (and of course win) or be a spectator. 
If someone is lighting fireworks in their back garden or there's a public firework display nearby, then I better be invited. Guy Fawkes night is without a doubt one of my most favourite days of the calendar year. I'm 25 years old and I still love a sparkler. Who doesn't love writing their name in the air with one of those?

That night we have to turn the clocks back is the sign that the sky will start to darken at 4:30pm. I am one for the days being shorter, especially in the lead up to Christmas. When it comes to January, I am not one for the early nights and I pine for Spring again. But it's so heartwarming to come home from work about 5:00pm, put your pyjamas on and cwtch up on the sofa to watch TV. That is complete bliss for a lot of us.

What are your favourite clichés about Autumn?

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