Story of 2018: Chapter Ten/Eleven (Pages 302 - 308)

P A G E  302
I love getting up on a Monday knowing there's no work. This makes Lucy happy. So, I am up and around quite early for someone who isn't going to work, well guys and gals, there's a reason for that -

I will fill you in on it later I promise! I need to get ready because I'm setting off soon. I'm just about to leave and I've had the most bizarre email -
*Press delete*. There, that's that sorted.
So, I'm back from my exciting morning, well, it's 2:30pm and I'm sat in the pub having lunch with my Mam. This is what happened -
Yes! An interview with the BBC! BBC Sesh is a social channel for young people in Wales to showcase their talents. I talked about Cystic Fibrosis and how I live in a positive mindset. Hopefully it should be up online at some point this week. Now, I don't look absolutely drop dead gorgeous in front of a video camera so I'll apologise in advance!
I've just come home from eating a fish finger sandwich. I do love a fish finger sandwich. Yes, it was a meal on the menu in the pub!
It's time to have a cwtch with Charlie after not seeing him all day, after all, it is a special day for cats today -
My cat has man boobs. Probably a first. But I love him to bits.

P A G E  303
I need a good gym session this morning. I really do feel like a good sweaty workout!

I told you I needed a good workout! That's the furthest distance I've cycled in the gym for a long time. I won't lie to you, I'm feeling a little proud of myself!
Most of my afternoon so far has consisted of drinking lots of green tea and reading and writing blog posts. That's an ideal afternoon for me.

P A G E  304
I've woken up, feeling anxious and nervous (there's a reason for that but I'll keep it to myself) and I got this tune stuck in my bloody head! -

I'm not surprised really, after all, it is the scariest day of the year -
No, it's not my favourite day. I have bought sweets just in case any trick or treaters knock my door this evening. We didn't have anyone knocking on my door last year, I'm kind of hoping for the same result again this year! My Mam will most probably end up eating all the sweets! I got to think of my diabetes, I know, I'm a bore! I'm sure the odd lollipop won't be too damaging? Yes, it'll be fine, maybe two would be ok. Or three...
I have perked my day up by buying these -
I've ordered it so it comes next day delivery. It's more exciting when a parcel comes the next day, the sooner I try them on, the better! Plus I can send them back quicker if they don't fit. But I'm not even going to think about that scenario.
It's 5pm and I can see trick or treaters circulating around near the road opposite mine.
The curtains are shut. The lights are out. I'll only answer to a few kids and that's it. I shall fill you in if I get any kids banging on my door for sweets tomorrow.

P A G E  305
I didn't get one knock on my door from trick or treaters. Maybe the tradition is going out of fashion?! Anyway, as it's the night after Halloween, it means the start of this month -

Can we start talking about Christmas now? Too soon? Ok, I'll move on!
I'm led in bed, just playing on my phone before I need to get up, I got to take my Nan for her flu jab and to the hairdressers. I get this laughable text -
I'LL BE UP IN A MINUTE! I got plenty of time to have breakfast and get changed. yes, 25 minutes is plenty of time, surely?
You know those trousers I bought yesterday? Well they came today. But they put the wrong sizing on their website, they said a size small is a size 10, but apparently a size small means a size 8 to them instead! I tried in vain to squeeze them round my waist, but to no avail, time to send them back. But I had one surprise on my doorstep -
I'm looking forward to wearing this - starting right now.
Ok, I need to show you all something, I have become a tiny bit famous -
The interview I did on Monday has finally dropped! I've been so nervous all day as I've been waiting for it to be posted online. Now it finally has, well, 8:03pm to be precise.
I've been incredibly touched and moved by all the love sent my way this evening. Thank you to each and everyone one of you for your kind comments and sharing the love! I shall go to sleep a happy girl tonight.

P A G E  306
I'm still feeling happy this morning! And I'm still receiving comments from my interview! I'm definitely feeling the love! Right, I need to get ready, I'm off out for a meal with one of my besties!

Ok, I've been sat in a car for two and a half hours straight and I officially hate driving (well, just for today). Stupid traffic!
But I had such a good afternoon with Lucy, an afternoon full of swearing and eating. Perfect bestie catch up! Plus I had another catch up on the way home -
A lush cuppa and a quick catch up with another bestie topped off my day perfectly. I need t go home and relax, I'm really debating buying a bottle of rose on the way home. Hmm.
I'm watching the Graham Norton Show and Lee Evans is on there -
He seriously needs to do stand up again.

P A G E  307
I've had an early start this Saturday - I've been to the chemist and I've just popped into the New Look to pick up a parcel, now I want to start a debate on Twitter about something -

They were playing Christmas music. In my opinion, it's a little too early. But by the looks of the poll, you agree with me too!
I've finished exercising, my Mam is calling me to come out to the extension and this is what I see -
This has actually made my Saturday and it's not even midday. My Mam bought this cat bed from Home Bargains last week and this is the first time Charlie has slept in it. Not a total waste of money then!
I've had a bit of a lazy afternoon and now it's time to watch the football, come on Liverpool!
*Update - a 1-1 draw.
I'm happy with the result, but then I'm not. I'll let you think about that.

P A G E  308
I've finished exercising and my nebulisers and I'm flicking through the channels and I find this - 
A little bit of Kermit, Fozzie bear and Miss Piggy to brighten up my Sunday morning! It certainly has done that after I just peeked out of the window to see it pouring down with rain.
I'm quite happy to stay in and chill today. I've just remembered that half term is almost over and I'm back in work this week. *sigh*


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