Making the most of our time

Now, think of a spirit level with productivity at one end and procrastination at the other end of the spirit level. It's had to find the right balance and level in between the two. They are such complete opposites of the spectrum.

Being productive means you are good at time management, you are organised and you like to get as much as you can done in the 1,441 minutes that make up an entire day, if this sounds like you, you're going about productiveness the right way. That's great! Celebrate with buying a new planner or diary!

Then at the other end of the spirit level, there's the procrastinators. The people who put off something until the very last minute or second, you use as many delaying tactics as you can possibly think of to prevent yourself from getting something done. If this sounds like you, you're going about procrastination the right way. That's great! Celebrate with dumping your backside on the sofa and watch Jeremy Kyle!

This is the point of my post, in a way, we all manage our time differently. I'm one of those people who is both a productive person and also a procrastinator. I have my good days and bad days in terms of managing my time. Some days I literally do as much as I can, even cleaning the kitchen cupboards or actually ringing people, something which I despise doing. I'm not a phone speaker, for future reference, contact me via text or email, it makes my life so much easier and makes me feel less anxious.

Then other days, I wake up with the thought that I am going to accomplish absolutely nothing. Those sort of days I make it my aim to just park my bum on the sofa and binge watch Only Fools and Horses for the entire day - and also eat. A lot.

It doesn't matter to me how people keep themselves organised and how well they use their time. As long as they get their tasks done, then that's all that matters!

But if you can't keep track of your time, then invest in a watch like this one from Adexe. Or buy it for someone who is serious need of becoming more productive. After all, Christmas is approaching and by using the code at the bottom of this post, you can get 15% off, but obviously don't tell the receiver of the gift. *use shh emoji*

Anyway, some people prioritise their tasks from not so urgent to "Oh my god, it's time to panic!". Others are incredibly laid back and will just get to their jobs whenever the mood takes them or when they can be bothered! That's absolutely fine! Never judge somebody on how and when they go about their daily tasks.

 How do you manage your time in the day?

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