Blog Reads Of November

Here are my favourite blog posts from November:

1) Why I'm Scared of Instagram | Hannah Mary
I read this post thinking "Hallelujah! Someone has actually said how they truly feel about Instagram!" I'm quite comparative when I look at other people's Instagram's and, I will be honest, I get a teeny bit jealous. They get the likes, the engagement and praise, then I'm there waiting and praying for one of my favourite pictures I've posted to get more than 50 likes. I love how Hannah says the editing process on certain pictures can be tricky as there are so many different editing apps and software to choose from nowadays! I'm like Hannah, give me VSCO any day, with a spot of Lightroom thrown in for good measure!
Let's face it, the thought of doing cardio at the gym fills us with dread. It's not the most exciting part of our exercise routine. It's vital in mine as it helps get all the gunk up from my lungs (sorry if you were eating). I'm like Yoli sometimes, I cut my cardio session short if I start to get bored and move on to something else. Something I shouldn't really do. But after reading this post, I realised cardio can be made to seem simpler and more fun to do now. Yoli has given some great tips on how to make cardio easier for us all at the gym. From listening to music to splitting the time on each machine so that you don't have boring, prolonged periods on one exercise machine. I have no excuse now not to do more cardio!
I absolutely loved reading this post at the beginning of the month, Ellie just completely sums up my thoughts on keeping up with trends. With me and how I manage trends, I either don't like them, won't buy into them because they won't last very long in the fashion world anyway or it's just I can't afford to keep up the pace with being a fashion blogger. Or the clothes I want to pose in aren't in stock anymore, but I want to show it to the blogging world, yeah, you see my dilemma?! I'd rather spend money on a timeless, classic piece which will last for years to come. I love how Ellie has highlighted how people, in particular, bloggers, are more concerned about fast fashion and the consumerism side of things. An amazing post!

I'm sorry for this, I'm sorry for that. Yes, I'm one of those people like Amie who apologises for everything and anything. I'm the sort of person who says sorry when it's raining. Amie has given some great points on what we should ALL stop apologising for. From being yourself (which you should NEVER have to be sorry for) to cutting people out of your life, which is necessary sometimes. Also taking time away to get your mind back on track, if people don't like it, tough! You've got to be a tiny bit selfish sometimes and just focus on yourself. But I'm Amie, I'd feel guilty if took time away from blogging. I don't want to let anybody down!

Whenever I go away for a weekend to Liverpool, I end up panic packing at the eleventh hour. Mainly because I can't pack much until the morning I go eg. morning meds and straighteners cause you know, priorities. I'm like Kate where I write (quite a large) checklist of all the things I need to take. Checklists are great for keeping me organised and I love ticking an item off the list after I've packed it. Even though I check I've packed everything about six times before I leave. One tip that Kate has suggested is pack smarter. I'm one of those who takes a spare outfit or three just in case. Something I need to stop doing as I always have to sit on my suitcase to shut it properly.
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