Two Years of Blogging

I've only just remembered that I've been blogging for two whole years now! I can still remember the day when I published my Wix site, feeling incredibly nervous about what people would actually think of my writing and how I could mark my place in the blogging world. Two years on, a Blogger website, lots of posts and numerous amounts of flatlay pictures later, Lucy Mary is still going strong!

But none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the kindness, supportiveness and just loveliness the blogging community have shown me over the last 24 months. I've talked to and met some amazing blogger's, some I have grown to admire so much. So thank you to all those who have taken the time to leave comments on my posts and just, well, read them!

Since I've started blogging, I've accumulated so many statistics and numbers that they're coming out of my ears! Here is a little round up of my blogging numbers so far:

206 published blog posts.
20 draft posts.
71,407 page views.

6 social media platforms.
2,086 Twitter followers.
1,223 Instagram followers (which fluctuates daily).
23 Pinterest boards.
One barely used Facebook profile.

4 blogger award nominations.
6 brand collaborations.
3 storage boxes for blogging props.
Multiple creative ruts.

1 Lenovo laptop.
1 iPhone 8 (previously an iPhone 6).
Hundreds of flatlay photos.
Tens of the same photo taken at different angles.

Hundreds of cups of green tea.
Hours of puffing on Colomycin whilst writing.
Plenty of treadmilling hours writing down content ideas.

2 years of Lucy Mary.
1 blog.
A big dream. 

Yes, there is big ambition for my blog and I hope it can grow over the next year to my third year blogger-versary.

Ok then, I shall see you next year! Well, until my next blog post which will probably be posted in a few days.


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