Feeling Cosy with NA-KD

It's that time of year now where it's safe to say that we will be requiring our jumpers, cardigans and, well, anything that can keep us warm. There's no better feeling during the Autumn/Winter months than cwtching up on the sofa wearing a baggy jumper and woolly socks with the heating on. Bliss.
So when NA-KD came to me with an idea to write a post involving jumpers, I couldn't say no. I love jumpers, whether they're oversized or just a normal everyday wear knitwear. Anything that keeps my arms and chest warm, I'm your girl (maybe I should rephrase this sentence).

Anyway, these three jumpers will keep me feeling cosy during the coldest of days. Even though I don't mind the cold weather, it's good to keep myself warm. Well, I can't exactly wear shorts and a crop top can I?!

This V-neck jumper is a lovely off the shoulder jumper if you're brave enough to venture the cold shoulder in the winter weather! But it can be worn as a normal jumper as I have shown in the picture below:

Don't ask what's going on with my right foot here.

I do like the colour navy. I find it quite a slimming colour on myself. Just as much as black. This is a cropped cable knit jumper which can look great with skinny jeans a pair of tan boots.

But I'm just modelling the jumper here in black leggings. Obviously I wouldn't go out in public in navy and black, is that still a fashion sin?

You can see the tiniest hint of skin from my belly. Sorry about that!

The last jumper is this classic black jumper. I love a black jumper. I always sense that I look a bit porky in a jumper. Jumpers don't do your figure any favours sometimes. But I'd rather be warm than look slim! But they say black is a slimming colour, right?!

I'm guilty of the jumper and leggings combination, I do apologise!

I need to fix the 'cutting off feet in a photo' habit.

*Ok, this is where I need to be articulate and do the disclaimer bit. I'm sorry, but I need to do this!
I should point out that these jumpers were gifted to me from NA-KD and if you are looking for a wide range of stylish jumpers and just any knitwear in general, then please head over to their jumpers and knitwear section and you won't be disappointed!

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