Story of 2018: Chapter Eleven (Pages 309 - 315)

P A G E  309
It's a start of a new week, I'm making the most of these next two days as I'm back in work on Wednesday. My lord the thought doesn't bear thinking about.
I'm laughing to myself right now! All because of a parcel man -

The fact that I was walking up a road which I don't live in, he recognised me as he must have delivered god knows how many parcels to me before, decided to give me my parcel (if you're interested, was a Boux Avenue parcel) before I got home to save me answering the door, or to save him a trip to my house, however you want to look at it, just made me laugh! That is great postal service in my opinion!
Ok, let's go and get changed out these clo- hang on a minute! What's this outside my bedroom window?!
Like seriously?! I know the builders would have to be contortionists to see into my bedroom but still!
It's evening time now, I've had a good day blogging and catching up on some things, now it's time to hear fireworks going off in the houses surrounding mine -
I hope everyone stays safe on this Bonfire Night!

P A G E  310
I promised myself I wouldn't let this happen, but it's happened - 

But to be fair, it was for my Mam. I read the words of this card and it just spoke volumes and I knew I had to buy it for her. So she better appreciate it!
It's 3:00pm, I've done quite a few bits and pieces but I need to get a blog post ready for tomorrow and I haven't edited one picture for it yet. Oops!
But before I get on with that task, can we just appreciate Boux Avenue for a second?!
Ok, enough admiring, let's get on.
I've managed to get those pictures edited and my post is ready for tomorrow. Now I can relax and watch the football, come on Red men!
*Update - a 2-0 loss.
My word that was shocking. That was such a poor performance. I am not in a good mood now!
But now it's time to cry at some amazing people -
This program always makes you realise that there are some genuinely inspirational people out there. This show really does put things into perspective. I got my tissues ready!
I'm now off to bed knowing I got a 6am alarm awaiting me. Oh god.

P A G E  311
Wow, that 6am alarm was not easy. I can barely see I'm that sleepy. But I'm getting a little peed off at my Instagram right now, not a good start to my Wednesday morning -
I've never been one to constantly moan about the algorithm but it really is getting on my tits at the moment. Just show my picture to people Insta! I beg of you!
And another thing is doing my head in this morning, well, it has been since I first seen it last week -
I can't be the only who feels betrayed by this?!
My first day back in work was good. It was nice to see the teachers and kids. Now I'm off to the GP to get my prescription after they messed it up AGAIN.
Oh god, it's gotten around. I don't know why I am so surprised and coy about it all. It was published on Facebook for f**k sake! But it's nice that awareness of CF is getting around!

P A G E  312

I was half asleep eating my Shreddies this morning. I'm so glad it is Friday tomorrow! I need to catch up on sleep on the weekend, even though I've had good night's sleeps lately, I feel like I'm constantly catching up on sleep (if that makes any sense to you all!)
Right, I need to go to work before I drop off on the settee.

P A G E  313
I know it's Friday, but I'm feeling in a bit of a ranty mood so far this morning - and it's only 7:30am.
Instagram is really starting to wind me up. Why can't it just let my followers see my photo's? Is that too much to ask?! Not just for me, but for other's who feel the same way as me! Ah well, let's get work over with as by half past 3 today, my weekend begins!
It's a good job there's nobody around in the car park, I don't think they would have appreciated hearing my singing voice so early in the day! I'm tempted to buy tickets for Spice Girls when they go on their reunion tour soon, but I'm not sure any of my friends would want to go! Hmm, maybe a little gentle persuasion is needed on my part to get one of them to go with me?

P A G E  314
I'm up a little early for a Saturday morning. But for a good reason. Right, I've just drove to where I need to be, I've parked up. Now if you'll excuse me a minute, I've got to say a little goodbye -

Ok, that might sound weird to some of you. But I've had a few people agree with me with this! So why I am getting a little teary saying goodbye to a car which I have owned for three years? Well...
May I introduce Rio?! Yes, I have a new car! It's a lovely car to drive and I'm looking forward to the next few years to it being sat outside my house. So what is my first trip in this car I hear you ask?! Morrison's. Not exactly an exciting trip, but still, I need to get used to it! A little drive to get some food is always good!
We're not even halfway through November and Christmas is already gracing my mind. I really have been sucked into the November Christmas hype, how the hell have I managed to be so drawn in already? Hmm.

P A G E  315
It's a day we all need to remember those who gave their lives for us -

It's such a sad day but it's good that we all remember those who fought for our freedom.
I can't be the only person who does this when they buy a new car?!
I think is what we can now call the modern day era. All I wanted to do when I first got my new car is to input my favourite radio stations and connect my phone via Bluetooth!
Right, it's time for football, see you in 90!
*Final score - a 2-0 win!
Ok, you'll have to excuse me, but I'm currently drooling at this moment -
Those foot long pigs in blankets look absolutely banging! I can't wait to eat a couple of those on Christmas Day!


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