Story of 2018: Chapter Nine (Pages 246 - 252)

P A G E  246
So there is still no sign of Lily on this Monday morning. I'm going to be ringing all the vets in my local area to see if they have had any cats handed in over the weekend.
I've rang the vets, they were all so lovely and friendly considering it's a Monday morning. I also have an appointment with the podiatrist. That's a story for another day!
I just heard the post man posting something through the letterbox -

This has perked up my morning, plus the fact that my blogging bestie Julia is in this issue has made my day a little brighter. Well done girl!
Oh hello me! -
My little tweet made Blogosphere Magazine! My little contribution!
It's tea time, but I'm really craving this as I eat my chicken and vegetable soup -
With lots of custard. And I mean lots of custard!
Hopefully there will be better news tomorrow *crosses fingers and toes*

P A G E  247

There's still no sign of her, hoping to get some posters printed tomorrow to show neighbours and stick on lampposts. Right, let's get on with today, I got some blogging to do, even though I can't really focus right now.
I've been looking forward to EastEnders ALL DAY. I want to know who shot Stuart!
Oh em gee, what an episode, everyone looks so guilty of doing it! Now it's time to watch Only Fools and Horses then have a good old cry at Long Lost Family. It gets me every time.

P A G E  248
I'm getting some posters made for Lily today, the sooner we put them up, the better! Right, I need to get my mind off things, time to hit the gym!
I'm currently straightening my hair whilst This Morning is on my TV in the background, this story about this woman really does make me question some people's intelligence -

If this her lifetime goal then she needs to really evaluate her current life. How vain and fame hungry this girl is.
I need to go and get petrol then I'm hitting Primark to have a look at some weekend bags. Don't panic, I'm not running away! It's just handy for in the future if I find the guts to venture somewhere other than Liverpool on my own.
I tell you what though, putting a bit of makeup on and wearing decent clothes has perked up my mood -
You'll have to excuse the smear on the mirror, I have no idea how it's got there considering I don't touch my mirror unless it's with a cloth in my hand to de-dust it. It looks like I've dripped mayonnaise on my jeans.

P A G E  249
It's 6am. I'm trying to make myself wake up. I literally could crawl into a ball in my bed and go back to sleep. But unfortunately, after six weeks off, the inevitable day has arrived -
No, I really am not. Oh, how I wish I as back in this place today -
Ah Liverpool. My happy place. Right, let's not start daydreaming of walking down Albert Dock, I need to get to work.
It's been quite a nice, chilled day in work, I've just been to B&Q to bought some cable ties. Wait, I better explain, I'm not using them for any kind of Fifty Shades - umm...activity, but I need them for my posters.
It's been a week since I last seen my little fur baby. Hopefully somebody will have some information for her sooner rather than later.

P A G E  250
It's Friday (thank god) and I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening in tonight watching EastEnders and drooling at Masterchef. It's 7:25am and I should be in my working clothes, instead I am in my pyjamas, finding the energy to get off my arse and get ready for work!
I'm home, it's been a long day, but I'm in a regretful kind of mood -
I really wish I was drinking a large glass of Blossom Hill rose. I think I've seriously earned it after the week I've had.

P A G E  251
It's 9:45am and I am really struggling to find the motivation to get off my backside and get on with Saturday. I got some exercise to do and I got to take my Mam food shopping later. I can't be the only person who thinks food shopping is one of the most tedious, boring tasks to do in the week? The only thing I like about it is buying all my favourite foods and of course - wine. 
It's half past 7:30pm, I'm on my second glass of wine and this is about to come on my TV screen -
That's made my Saturday night's sorted until Christmas. I absolutely adore Strictly! This is one TV show I would love to take part in, just for all the glitz and glamour and dancing with one of those gorgeous male dancers!

P A G E  252
I love waking up to this sort of news! -

That has been kindly withdrawn from  my National Lottery account online and hopefully I'll see it in a few days in my bank account. Ooh, that's set my mood up for the day!
I've done some exercise, taken my Nan to bingo, now I'm doing something I've been dying to do for ages -
I'm sure I got enough hangers for my whole street to have. There are honestly loads just sitting on my bed. I got to find a place for them until I use them again when I buy new clothes. I'm sure they won't be in the spare room for long. Not with all the current items in my ASOS wish list.
I'm sat here and I'm itching for it to be 9pm. I seriously cannot wait for the Bodyguard to come on tonight!
But before that Dragon's Den is on, oh my word, this is an excellent idea!
This man is a genius. I would have invested in it, at the end of the day - it's cheesecake.
Right it's 9pm - it's time!

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