Outdoor Photography

I recently posted some posts of me posing outside in different places, but by the looks of these pictures I need a little practice in regards to posing and knowing how and where to stand. You see these amazing bloggers and influencers posing so effortlessly and they look like professional models, then there's me looking awkward as f**k sitting on steps outside a museum. Maybe I need to enrol myself on a modelling course, even though I'd look like a sack of spuds next to the size zero girls.

Anyway, putting these pictures in different posts I've posted quite recently made me see that I maybe need to start getting somebody to take some pictures of me outside more often. The first time I had pictures taken outside was when I was in Liverpool. I sat out on the steps outside the museum, it was a very dull and drizzly day so thank f**k my hair held out for those five minutes I sat on the steps. I knew I had to be quick because there was a dark cloud looming overhead. 

I look a little more natural in the photo where I stand in front of a very aesthetically pleasing pink wall. Thank goodness, I look a little more relaxed in those.

My natural stance is my arms down by my sides, possibly one of my arms flowing through my hair and I just smile for the camera.

I suppose posing comes from your natural instincts, there's nothing worse than looking at someone's photo and you can tell all too well that they're not entirely comfortable or happy to have their photo taken.

What I've learnt about having my photo taken outside, especially for blogging purposes, is that it's not about posing in a certain way or staring at god knows what in the distance, it's about being natural and showing the REAL you.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind taking a selfie in my bedroom. Let's face it, I wouldn't be prepared to go out in the rain just to get a good blogging photo, I can equally get just as good a photo being in my bedroom too. But I don't want to feel pressured into thinking that my photo's have to be taken outdoors at this stage in my blogging life. I should have my blogging selfies taken where I damn well please!

How do you feel about this bloggers?

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