Coffee shop musings

Now, I don't like coffee I never have done, it's too strong tasting for my tongue. Give me a green tea, or in this case due to the photo's I've used, a hot chocolate. But as I'm writing this post, is it just me or saying to someone that you're going out for a coffee sound more professional and adult-y than saying you're going out for a hot chocolate? Saying you're going out for a hot chocolate sounds is the norm when it's Autumn or Winter.

Wait a minute! It is Autumn now isn't it? Well, not officially, but I am wearing a jumper as I write this and I'm drinking an aesthetically pleasing hot chocolate, so yes, it is Autumn and it is hot chocolate season.

Ok, I've gone slightly off topic here, I have a bad habit of doing that. Picture this - it's a Monday afternoon, it's my day off and I've done all I needed to do up until this point. So what do I decide to do? I take myself off for an hour to my local coffee place.

A very quiet and cute place, about a 5 minute drive from my house, it's pretty quiet in here as it's a Monday afternoon. I got my notebook with me to make some notes on this post amongst other blog post ideas. Sometimes just going somewhere different can give you new inspiration for ideas. Whether it's something you hear in another person's conversation (I wasn't being nosey!) or sometimes quotes on the walls give you food for thought.

Being sat here, writing down plenty of notes, has got me thinking that I need to do this more often. I genuinely think that taking yourself off somewhere you've never been before can give you a little uplift in confidence and also just trying something new is always a great thing. Getting out of the same routine and making an escape from your house once in a while can do your mental wellbeing wonders because you're getting out of that samey-samey routine.

Also being sat in this coffee shop, gradually writing down thoughts and ideas, I've realised that I haven't checked my phone for notifications or emails once. That's a bonus in my book. We all need to put our phones away to clear our heads. What a way to do it, in a café with a hot chocolate sat in front of me, well now a mostly empty glass as I've almost drunk it all. FYI - it was very delicious.

The point of this post is that, please, once in a while, take yourself off somewhere for a little me time and to just get yourself out of that habitual routine. I tell you one thing, it makes you feel like a proper blogger sitting in a coffee shop with a notebook and pen.

Before I forget! The place I went to for this hubba-hubba hot chocolate was Cabin Cwtch (loving the typical Welsh word). I would definitely recommend a visit if you're ever passing through Newport.

Where do you like taking yourself off to by yourself?

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