Story of 2018: Chapter Nine (Pages 260 - 266)

P A G E  260
Uh oh - maybe doing some exercise may not have been the best idea -

I'm not even sure if this is medically possible but I currently feel like I want to puke on this treadmill right now. I might risk it and wait until I've completed my full, normal session on here. I only have 10 minutes until I am supposed to get off the treadmill anyway, I think I got this!
I managed to successfully complete my full exercise session! I'm determined to not let this nausea beat me!
This afternoon I have made a trip to B&M Bargains where I happened to bump into my best friend and her gorgeous little boy and I have been to Boots to finally buy something I wish I had bought days ago -
I cannot wait to take one of these in the morning. It certainly says something when you look forward to swallowing a tablet. In my case, that really is surprising considering I take about 20 different medication's a day.
Just before I sign off this entry, I need to mention my outfit for this busy Monday. Just because I have finally worn this jacket -
There we are then. Good day to you all.

P A G E  261
I have some major news for you all this morning - no nausea! Stugeron have worked wonders on my stomach and I can feel a little more relaxed taking my Cipro in the tomorrow morning.
At least I can go on the treadmill this morning without feeling like I'm going to throw up!
I just picked up a parcel from New Look -

I cannot wait to put these on my feet! I won't wear them tomorrow because I got work but I will wear them on the weekend - promise!
I'm sat here this afternoon, pining for it to be 8pm -
Our first Champions League game of the season and I hope we stuff PSG!
*Update - a 3-2 win!
Oh I can go to bed a very happy girl now!

P A G E  262
I've woken up in a great mood this morning, Liverpool winning the night before always puts me in a good mood! Right, let's get up and get ready for work! Is it really only Wednesday?
I've done all my exercise, I've eaten and I'm about to settle down on the settee and take part in a couple of blogger chats. But before I do -

I'm feeling a little chill on my arms, let's get the cardi out!

P A G E  263

I despise going to work when it's peeing down with rain. When it's like this I want to curl with in a blanket with a good book and not venture outside. But unfortunately, needs must, time to get my waterproof coat on and go to work.
My Mam has just said to me "Have you seen Aldi's latest tweet?" (Yeah, not a conversation starter I expected to hear from my mother) -
Oh my word, foot long pigs in blankets, I'm seriously running to my local Aldi's to buy them once they are in stock! Seriously, who doesn't love pigs in blankets?!

P A G E  264

Oh my word it's cold this morning! I want to wear my boots, but I know it's most likely to warm up later. I don't want to have sweaty boots feet! Maybe I'll just stick to my flats. Maybe it's for the best.
Right, it's the fricking weekend! I should be celebrating with a bottle of wine! Oh wait, not quite yet, I still got to take the antibiotics until Tuesday. Not long left now though!

P A G E  265
Uh oh, this wasn't part of the plan -
WHY?! I've just about started to feel better and now this happens! I'm hoping the Cipro will ease the infection away over the coming days. For f**k sake.
One thing that is perked me up a bit is that Liverpool are playing later, well, they'll cheer me up as long as they win!
*Update - a 3-0 win!
6 wins out of 6 in the League is most certainly a brilliant start!
Right, let's settle down for the evening - wait, I forgot!
I cannot wait for Strictly! It's my one of my favourite programmes of the entire year! The glitz and glamour, you can't beat it.
As you can tell, I love a couple of pro dancers. These two are seriously stunning though!

P A G E  266

It's officially Autumn and I am little bit excited about that! I'm kind of looking forward to wearing my jumpers I have just bought, obviously I can't wear them in the Summer. Right, it's Sunday and I am only looking forward to one thing today -
As you can probably tell, I am ecstatic for the Bodyguard tonight. I seriously need to know who killed the Home Secretary because it could be anybody in this programme!
Ok, I bought new nail varnish yesterday in Boots and I have been dying to try it out since, well, 1pm yesterday afternoon. I had a busy day yesterday, ok?!
It's such a lovely Autumnal shade. It says on the bottle that it lasts for two weeks unchipped. Now, my nails aren't the strongest so I hope Rimmel proves me wrong!
See you at 10:15pm!
I haven't moved a muscle in 75 minutes. My Sunday nights are going to be deathly dull after tonight. Ok, so when is series 2 going to air?


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