What My First Blogging Lunch Taught Me

I went to Liverpool recently (as if you already didn’t know!) and I broke my first blogging lunch virginity. I’m sure there is a less crude way to put it but I think we’ll stick with it for now.

I finally met the lovely Julia who is my blogging bestie online. FYI - she is just as lovely as she is away from the laptop screen.

We made plans prior to me coming up to Liverpool and we met at this very Instagrammy place Love Thy Neighbour on Bold Street.

A very cute, pastel pink coloured and quaint café with a very bloggery menu - yep, avocado, eggs and bagels were amongst the lovely sounding dishes on the pink paper menu. Walking in to the café, there was a feel good atmosphere, it's clearly a very popular eating place and I'd heard so much about it from Liverpool bloggers posting pictures of the place and food on Instagram. I can definitely see why it is ever so popular now.

We got shown to our table, which was in the corner by the window (perfect lighting for taking a picture of my meal). So after debating and pondering for a few minutes, I wanted to be a five year old kid and eat pancakes. But seriously though before you all scoff with laughter, who the hell doesn't love pancakes?! Which, by the way, were truly delicious. Is it wrong that I wanted seconds? I was just meeting a new friend, I didn't want her to think I was a pancake eating pig!

So what did I learn from my first blogging lunch? That:

1. I have absolutely fallen in love with blogger lunches.
2. I need to do them more often.
3. I need to try the Halloumi fries next time I go to Love Thy Neighbour

How cool would it be for every blogger to say that they have a blogger friend who they regularly meet up with for coffee/brunch and they bring their laptops and marble notebooks and do blogging stuff together then they have a mini photography session afterwards? But obviously things like work, finding bloggers in your town or city and just life in general can get in the way of that sometimes.
But I know I have a blogger friend in Julia and I can't wait to see her again, maybe she could come to Newport for a visit?

Now, one thing Love Thy Neighbour has outside is the most Instagrammable wall on the side of the building. Of course, the blogger in me decides to take full advantage and have her best friend take pictures of me standing by the wall, leaning on the wall and laughing at god knows what!

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Let me know the best blogging lunches you've been to!

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