Story: 2018 - Chapters 2/3 (Pages 57 - 63)

P A G E  57
6am. I'm up. Please take me back to bed. I'm sat here in my pink slippers and black leggings contemplating going back to work. But after the personal debate, I grab my car keys and head off out. It was lovely to see everyone in work, it was nice to get compliments about myself today - 
I never curl my hair for work, but I curled it on the weekend and it ended up staying that way today.

P A G E  58
While nearly everywhere else in the UK was in the midst of Storm Emma, bringing snow and disruption in her wake, I'm sat in work praying that the snow doesn't reach Newport. Here's why -
I know we'll end up having snow eventually, but I hope it isn't as much as everybody else has had.

P A G E  59
I cannot believe that it is the last day of February! I kind of want to relive this month again as I've had the most incredible month, I kind of don't want it to end! But, I've made some wonderful memories, hopefully March will be just as marvellous as February!

I am on the treadmill, catching up with Instagram, as you do, I see Luke's Instagram story and he's updated his Insta highlights pictures. Of course, they're gorgeous! So he kindly makes me some for my highlights!

P A G E  60
I wake up at 6am, turn my phone on, I get a text saying the school I work in is shut for today and also tomorrow.
Back to bed for me! Now, I'm a person who hates being cooped up in the house all day, so my Mam suggests that we go for a walk in the snow, it seemed like a good idea at the time -
Yes, not good. But my Mam made me a hot chocolate after we got home, it doesn't seem so bad now.

Ooh, before I forget!

Happy Saint David's Day from a VERY snowy Wales!

 P A G E  61
Snow Day - Number Two
I am severely BORED. All I'm dreaming about are the days when the sun will be out, the days will get longer and we can put our sunglasses on. Ahh....
Oops, I was in a daydream then! Where was I? Ah yes, another snow day meant another day of boredom. I didn't venture very far today either -
Blogosphere Magazine have just opened the voting for the #BlogosphereAwards !
I have just cast my votes! All the bloggers I've nominated truly deserve to be recognised for their work. Fingers crossed my nominations are shortlisted!

P A G E  62
Snow Day - Number Three
This snow needs to bugger off! I went out for a walk in it earlier, nearly fell on my arse about four times, what should have been a 10 minute walk took me 25 minutes! Really hoping it'll start melting away very soon! What's getting me through the day is knowing that Liverpool are playing Newcastle later on.
*Update - a 2-0 win! 
A very happy and cold Lucy tonight!

P A G E  63
Snow Day - Number Four

Yes! I've woken up, turned over in bed and I've seen a small blue hint peeking through the small gap in the curtains, the sun is out! I'm so glad I'm going to be saying goodbye to the snow. I don't think I could stick staying in for another day without my head exploding!
It's back to work for me tomorrow, as much it's been kind of nice to have the days off, I'm glad to be getting out of the house!


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