Story: 2018 - Chapter Three (Pages 78 - 84)

P A G E  78
Today is a huge day in the CF community. 
It's the huge debate in parliament today about the drug Orkambi being made available on the NHS. It's a massive day for people with Cystic Fibrosis who would be entitled to the life changing medication. Hopefully it'll be a good day for us CFer's!

P A G E  79
It is the first day of Spring today! It's hard to believe considering the Arctic conditions we've been experiencing.
In work today we had a very cute little visitor -
Honestly, she was the cutest thing I've ever seen! She was so tiny! It certainly made me happy on the #InternationalDayOfHappiness . After such a mad day in work, I needed to remember all the things that make me happy eg. wine, vodka etc.
P A G E  80
I'm sat down on the sofa, watching the sofa, suddenly a very familiar city pops up on a very popular BBC One show -
Yes, Newport had a little 5 minute slot on the One Show! It made me realise that I need to book a room at one of the Hunter Lodges at the Celtic Manor. They seriously look stunning. It might be a bit weird staying in a lodge up literally 5 minutes away from where I live, right?

P A G E  81
Now, I have a question for you readers, do you think this is fair? My cat Lily gets to cwtch up in MY BED and I can't do the same because I have to slave away at work all day! 
How is this fair? Like seriously.
I've just come home from work, I feel mentally shattered. But I had quite a random day -
Like I said, quite random.

P A G E  82 
Yes, it's Sport Relief today! Ok, I may not look like I'm about to run the London Marathon but I've done 10,000 steps today, that counts, right?
But I am so glad that it is Friday and I got two nice lie ins to look forward to on Saturday and Sunday morning. This afternoon there was a so called problem on a social media platform -
Obviously I did the standard check on Twitter by searching for 'Instagram down'. What is it with us human beings that we have to check one social media channel to check and see if others have said if another social media channel is down?!

P A G E  83

Yep. This is how my Saturday started. She woke me up at 7:45am by pushing my bedroom door open, jumping on my bed (almost on my face) and started biting the back of my head. I swear to God she's turning into a vampire! I have been missing Premier League football this week as currently we're halfway through an international break (sigh). But there was a charity match at Anfield this weekend which I watched from my living room. What I would have given to be sat in Anfield this afternoon watching the legends I grew up watching over the years -
Now it's time to go to bed and set my clocks forward one hour. Not that I have lot of clocks to alter, but you know, I need to do the two of them before I forget.

P A G E  84
I've woken up, feeling a little flat. I really can't understand why. It's probably because I hate Sunday's, they're so boring. But...usually my Sunday's do consist of catching up on blogging stuff, amongst other things - 
Yep. A standard Sunday for me! I can't put IKEA furniture together but I'm a dab hand at assembling things like lawnmowers or hoovers!


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