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19 March 2018


Ok, I admit, it doesn't feel like Spring right now. Some of us have had more snow over the last few days and I think i'm right in saying that we're all a little peed off with it. But it is apparently meant to be the first day of Spring today. I'm sure in a few days we'll start seeing the brightness and vibrancy of Spring, well, I hope. But here are my favourite things about this lovely season:

We can finally see leaves where they are meant to be - attached to trees. Not splayed all over the ground waiting to be stepped on. It's nice walking on them when they're crunchy like cornflakes, not when they're a soggy mess. It seems more natural looking at trees and flowers when they're in full bloom and looking more colourful than ever.

Walking through the park after the grass has just been cut, the smell is like heaven earth. Unless you suffer with hay fever. Then it's not so good. I love sitting outside in my garden after the mower has been out (well, after my Mam has mowed the grass) just to take in the scent.
I love my Winter wardrobe, but I definitely have a soft spot for my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I love the vivid colours and vibrant tones of my Spring wardrobe. I'm kind of excited to seeing everyone wearing their floral patterned tops/trousers/skirts. My inner self is already digging out her sandals and t-shirts from the other end of the wardrobe and swapping the jumpers and coats over to the other side.
They say there's April Showers - but let's face it, we do see a lot more of that gorgeous, radiant light called the sun. Sunshine makes my soul smile. The temperature during the Spring is perfect also, it's not too hot and it's not too cold, it's just right. You can do more outdoor activities but still curl up in your jumper at night.
I like the Winter nights, but only up until January. During January, I'm craving the longer days to make a return. The lighter nights make the days seem longer than they are, which is great when you're working, it's nice to leave work in light rather than searching for my car in darkness at 4:30pm.
I know we've had endless hints that Easter is coming thanks to supermarkets putting up countless Easter Eggs and bunny rabbit cuddly toys. I shall be resisting the temptation of buying myself a Milkybar egg this year, unless somebody buys me one as a present, then ultimately I can't refuse...

Spring means the nicer weather enables me to go outside to exercise rather than be stuck indoors doing it. I like going for long walks in the park. My local park goes uphill so it's even better for me as it gives my lungs a good ol' workout.
You can clean and have a huge sort-out and deep clean anytime of year, but it seems more traditional to do it in the Spring. Time to get the dusters, polish, carpet cleaner and any type of brush you can find out from under the stairs and get cleaning! In my house, I'm the dish washer, hooverer and clothes sorter.
Ok, this isn't my bedroom, but how beautifully minimalistic does this one look?! 
What are your favourite things about Spring?

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