You are NOT what you eat!

Now, I'm not a psychic, I can't really predict future events, if I could, I'd love to know if Liverpool will win any trophies this season or how my health will be next year. But one thing I know I will see as we come into the New Year - the New Year diet extravaganza.

Are we still preoccupied with the desperate need to cut back on the food after we've pigged out so much over the holidays? Really? Which, by the way, is the way to do things at Christmas.
It got me thinking about diets and food in general, my diet is purely based on high calorie foods because of CF requiring me to put on the pounds for my health, well the dieticians kind of nag me a teeny bit to do so. This is fine for me, because my diet doesn't define who I am. They say we are what we eat, which is completely UNTRUE. That phrase really grates on me. I mean, we shouldn't judge a person by what they eat. That's just so unethical. People must look at what I consume and think how the hell I'm not the size of an elephant. Like I said, we shouldn't make assumptions.

Diets do my nut in, they dictate what you should eat on a daily basis. It should be about having free choice with what you eat. Another reason is, for example, when celebrities promote diets. I get the vibe when I see a one page spread in a magazine of a woman flaunting her tight abs in a barely there bikini, that they're trying to not only promote themselves, but influence you to think that you have to look like them to have a happy and healthy lifestyle.
NOT true.

Stick to your own personal diet. If it looks tasty or is going to satisfy your food cravings, then eat whatever to your hearts desire. What can be healthier than the food you love?!
Are you one for a following a diet or just eat whatever the hell you want?
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  1. Yes to this post. We are all individual and need to learn what are bodies need rather than listening to generic diet rules.