My 7 favourite bloggers of 2017.

So this is my first entire calendar year blogging and boy how quick has it gone?!

I never thought that writing my thoughts, taking god knows how many flat lay photos and pre-planning blog posts two or three months ahead of time would make me as happy as it has. Like I said in my About page , I adore writing, I did when I was in school and still do today.

One thing I love about blogging is reading other blogger's work and content and viewing their stunning pictures.
2017 has seen me read amazing writing and get to know so many bloggers. There's nothing I like more than sitting down after a long day and catching up on my favourite blogger's newest posts and discovering new bloggers and getting to know their writing style and work. I remember this feeling of when I first started blogging, that feeling of wanting to be discovered and have people visit my page and read my latest post and give me feedback or lovely comments.

This list was so hard to narrow down as there's so many bloggers I love out there! Let's take a look at the bloggers who are always killing it and ones I've loved from day one:
This girl is a huge CF warrior and inspiration. Having gone through a double lung transplant a couple of years ago, she's now at university striving for her goals. I don't know how she has the time to fit in medication, uni and blogging! Her fashion content is amazing and her wardrobe is goals. Her white brick wallpaper in her bedroom is goals. Her dog Freddie is as cute as anything and she's just a lovely girl. Her Uni update posts are fabulous.

| J U L I A |
| J U L I A  R A C H E L  D A Y |
One blogger I regularly talk to on Twitter. A Liverpool girl whose blogs are killing it. Her newest post about Instagram had me nodding with agreement as I read it. Such a lovely girl with an amazing fashion sense. She has also created the website Easy as VAT to help bloggers, freelancers and self employed people with the financial side of things. A service which I have no doubt is going to do extremely well!
| S O P H I E |
| S O P H I E  R O S I E |
Oh my goodness, Sophie's blog is my biggest inspiration! Her blog content, pictures and website are just pure goals. She was one of my discoveries earlier this year and I wish I had found her sooner! She is always killing it with her posts and they're always so relatable. She's recently moved to London from Liverpool, such a bold and brave move, I hope I have the guts to move to Liverpool one day like Sophie has with her move to London!
| V I K T O R I A |
Viktoria describes her website as a visual diary. Visually her website is stunning, so minimalistic and her pictures and flat lays are just visually beautiful. Her lifestyle posts are so on point and she really speaks out to me. Viktoria was a later discovery and I know that I will be a long and admiring fan for a while yet. Her simplistic black and white theme for her page and flatlays are always so striking.

| T H E  C A R D I F F  C W T C H |
My favourite Welsh blogger. It took me ages to find some Welsh bloggers around the blogger-verse but I finally came across the lovely Nia. I adore the name of her blog, probably because it has the word 'cwtch' in the name. For those who don't know, cwtch means cuddle or hug. Her dog Bungle is just the cutest Golden Retriever. Nia's food posts always make me want to drive to Morrison's to buy the ingredients to make her recipes.

| K A T E |
| T H E  V I E W  F R O M  T H E  O T H E R  S I D E |
Kate really does get to the heart of CF. The describes and explains Cystic Fibrosis in a way we can all understand. Without knowing it, she has even helped me with being able to explain CF more simply to people who ask about it. She has a YouTube channel where her vlogs give a more realistic insight to the world of having Cystic Fibrosis. I'd love to have my own YouTube channel one day and she will be my inspiration for starting up one whenever I decide to.
| N O R T H |
| T H E  N O R T H  L E F T |
A recent discovery and I know this girl is going to go far. Her blogs offer a huge mixture of topics and I want to say a quick thank you to her for sharing so many of my blog posts over the last couple of months! Also a huge thank you for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award! I loved the questions she asked me!
Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know in the comments below as I'm always looking for new ones to read!

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