Love Is In The Hair

Even though I don't do it often, I love getting my hair cut.
I love thinking about the endless possibilities of what I could do to change my hair style. Will I pluck up the courage and have a completely different style or colour? But, as always, I end up having the same conversation with my hairdresser -

Hairdresser - "What are we doing today then?"
Me - "A dark chocolate brown colour and I'll have about an inch cut off (grabbing my hair and roughly measuring an inch with my fingers)
Oh, and I always have it straightened. I may as well just have the conversation tattooed on my forehead.
Like I said before, I love booking an appointment to get my hair done. I always end up having the same thing done. I'm too wary about jumping the band wagon and going for something completely different.
So I get to the hairdressers, the window sofa is strewn with the latest issues of Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire which I grab to read whilst I wait to be cloaked in the black gown.
I love having my hair washed, I do it all the time myself so it's nice to let someone else do it for a change! The only time I have to have my hair washed by someone else is when I'm on IV's and can't wash my hair myself because I can't get my port needle and the dressing wet because of the risk of infection (I know other CFer's choose to carry on as normal in terms of bathing etc., but I don't like taking the risk).

I sit in black leather chair waiting for my colour to be mixed.
Let's face it, after the colour is applied you NEVER look good.

My hairdresser uses Milkshake Shampoo and Conditioner products which are like heaven in a bottle. They make my hair feel so luxuriously soft that it makes me want to flip your hair like they do on the L'Oréal or Garnier adverts.

Later I'm walking out of the hairdressers and strutting through town like I'm on the catwalk at London Fashion Week.
In a way, having my hair cut gives me a sense of confidence. I generally don't do too much to my hair at home. I'm not very adventurous with it. I do the standard shampoo and condition and will do a hair mask once a week to keep it looking good and hope in vain it'll get rid of the split ends. The most daring thing I do with my hair is clipping my fringe back, I say this is daring because it means my chipmunk cheeks are exposed more than ever. I only do this when it's boiling hot or when I go to the gym.

Every now and then you have to have a bit of fun with your hair, even if it's just curling it and results like this make me feel sassy and fabulous!
"You have to have fun with your hair. It's a great accessory - play with it" - Serge Normant
Do you enjoy getting your haircut? Does it give you confidence?

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  1. A trip to the hair dressers always gives me a confidence boost, even though like you, I always ask for the same thing.