65 Things I Love About Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, I'm currently writing this after I have just finished wrapping all my presents for my family and friends. Jeez it took me ages but having a Christmas CD on in the background made the job seem easier and less hassle. How can you not wrap presents to Christmas songs, like seriously?! This got me thinking, what are ALL the things I love about Christmas? It's certainly a very festive and joyous time of year, there's so many reasons why I and so many others enjoy the Christmas season, here are some of them, well, 65 to be precise:

1) Turkey
2) Advent Calendars
3) Pigs In Blankets
4) Christmas Wreaths
5) John Lewis advert
6) Any other Christmas advert
7) Christmas Eve
8) Roast Parsnips
9) Feeling festive
10) Giving and receiving presents
11) Decorating the Christmas tree
12) Christmas shopping
13) Opening presents
14) Pigging out
15) Remembering my childhood nativity plays
16) Costa/Starbucks Christmas cups
17) Tinsel
18) Christmas jumpers
19) Christmas socks
20) Driving around admiring people's Christmas lights
21) Mince Pies
22) Santa
23) Reindeers
24) Snow (for some, not for me)
25) Snowmen
26) Robins
27) Candles
28) Turkey sandwiches
29) Hot chocolate
30) EastEnders at Christmas
31) Chocolates
32) Feeling more charitable
33) Hinting at presents to my loved ones
34) Christmas songs
35) Pinecones
36) Now That's What I Call Christmas CD
37) Christmas work do
38) Candy canes
39) Spending time with family
40) Teaching children the true meaning of Christmas
41) Getting ready for the Boxing Day sales
42) Party games
43) Laughing
44) Writing cards
45) Seeing my loved one's faces when they open their presents
46) Fairy lights
47) Christmas accessories eg. blankets, mugs etc.
48) Listening to carols
49) Wrapping presents
50) Muppet Christmas Carol
51) Elf
52) Miracle on 34th Street
53) Any Christmas film for that matter
54) Walking in the crisp air
55) Snow fights
56) Christmas stockings
57) Baubles
58) Christmas pudding
59) Sledding
60) Curling up in front of the fire
61) Feeling cozy
62) Waking up on Christmas Day
63) Cookies
64) Paper snowflakes
65) Just everything about Christmas!

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