Christmas Eve

Yes, by this time tomorrow we shall be swimming in ripped wrapping paper and putting our turkey's into the oven.

Christmas Eve is such a special day. But I kind of feel a little deflated knowing the lead up to Christmas Day is almost over.

It's so nice to walk around the streets today. You feel like you have a spring in your step and you just feel, well, happy.

Today will see me taking and handing out presents to a few of my loved ones (very last minute I know!). I may also take a drive out in my car and judge other people's Christmas lights. It's a little tradition me and my Mam started up a couple of years ago and I love it. It's a time me and my Mam can talk about anything and everything whilst admiring other people's Christmas light decorations.

Also I'll be pigging out on Pringles, Dorito's and maybe the odd pigs in blankets or two...

I only finished work on Thursday so I haven't been able to relax properly until now. Work is so special at this time of year. Working with kids makes you see what Christmas is all about - children's faces when they see Santa and their excitement when they give you a present which they have bought you. It certainly makes the tiredness and madness of December all worth it.

I'm going to write off this post by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope you all properly pig out and enjoy the day with whatever you're doing. Have a good one everyone!
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  1. This is a lovely post. Seeing Christmas through children's eyes is so magical. I love looking at other people's lights too.