Whether it be sharing a snap on Instagram of your latest drunken adventures or Snapchatting a picture of what you’re about to eat in McDonalds. To be honest, some of the pictures people post online defy belief at times.

Social media is such a huge, integral part of our lives now. Ten years ago when I was in school all we had was MSN and the biggest gossip we could get from that is if someone changed their personal message as to being in a relationship with someone or if someone added you to their messenger list. Good times.
Back then we couldn’t share pictures, all we had were ‘those’ emoji’s that are nothing compared to the ones on our IPhones now.
Then Facebook and Myspace came along and it changed everything. You could post and send pictures online with no trouble at all. Times were changing. Then Twitter made an appearance. Then Instagram started gaining popularity. Then you could make yourself look like a dog on Snapchat.
So many different social media platforms to share our pictures, but more importantly, memories.
I am someone who uses social media on a daily basis. It’s mad but scary how much I rely on social media to get gossip or check up on my favourite celebrities, well, I say celebrities, more like Liverpool football players. Now that I’ve started blogging, I use social media to get ideas on when and what pictures to post to promote my blog and gain a bigger audience.
But one thing I have toned down on quite a lot is what sort of memories I choose to share and which ones I choose to keep for myself. I have a lot of pictures on my phone, ones from my trips to Liverpool, family photos and when I’ve been out with my friends.
I don’t choose to post every single one because I want to keep that little memory a secret from everyone. It’s like a memory I just want to cherish with my loved ones rather than cherish it with my followers online. I think it’s nice to keep memories to yourself and remember the good times yourself rather than remember them with some complete strangers online (not everyone is a complete stranger, but you can see where I’m coming from). Keep those special memories locked away in your phone.
One thing I have certainly toned down on is the amount of selfie’s I choose to post on Instagram. Last year I had a complete clear-out of my Instagram. I looked at some of them and I thought “Was I completely high off my antibiotics to think that this would be a good selfie to share online?”  Dear me. Some of the ones I did delete, I can’t even find a good explanation is to why I posted them. Such a face palm emoji moment. ‘Sigh’.
Some memories I don’t mind sharing online, but I don’t think you should share completely everything you do in your day to day life. Nothing wrong with keeping some photos and memories private and just for you to see.
When I see some of the pictures post online, I think “Was it really necessary to share that with the whole social media world” but if that’s what they want to do, then it’s their choice. There’s no reason for some nasty bugger’s to comment on their pictures giving cruel remarks, whether it’s about their looks or what they’re wearing. There is no need to get personal. It’s simple, if you don’t like the picture, scroll past it and look for pictures you like tap the love heart on Instagram or the love heart on Twitter or say you like it on Facebook.
One of my favourite quotes is this, and I think we should all live by this, is – “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all”
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Do you limit on the pictures you post online? Or are you more than happy to tell the whole world about all the things you get up to? Let me know what you think.
Lucy xx