Why There Is Nothing Wrong With Dressing For Your Size

"Headline news! There’s nothing wrong with buying a bigger size top or pair of trousers!”

Well, it’s technically not headline news, but it’s still utterly ridiculous that even in today’s world if you’re above a size 10 then you’re considered to be a bit on the porky side. You see in online campaigns or TV adverts for lots of other clothing brands, especially underwear brands, they always use the size 6 models who never look like they’ve ever had to deal with the struggles of not having non-flat stomach and cellulite in their thighs.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against a smaller, thinner model, if they are lucky enough to have an amazing body, then they have every right to flaunt it. I just think why can’t major clothing brands use the real life model to promote their clothes, like the 5″4 who is a size 12. 
It’s wrong. Just wrong.
I will be honest, I’ve never bought a top that’s bigger than a size 12 before. I fell into that fascist mindset of that if you buy a larger size item of clothing, then that’s it, you’re fat. I think there were so many reasons that my silly mind decided to think in that way, but I think I can blame modern society, fashion magazines and envying Victoria Secret models for that. I can only aspire to have a figure like that. If I so much as look at a doughnut or a bacon sandwich I can feel the weight pile onto my podgy belly and wobbly thighs.

It’s no secret that I have been struggling with my weight lately. I got into a negative mindset about how I looked when I gained weight. A lot stems from my huge weight gain during high school thanks to the introduction of steroids into my life when I was really ill with a bug called ABPA (Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis). Try saying that when you’ve had one too many vodkas.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, weight gain. As I said, I let myself feel destructive when it came to gaining weight. I didn’t want to gain it. I was happy to stay the weight I was. But I kept losing it which I knew was wrong, but I thought that slimming down a tiny bit wouldn’t hurt. How could I have let myself get like this? There is a reason why I let my weight go so far downhill, only my two best friends know why and when I told them the reason they nearly kicked my head in! They both know how my weight is vital to my health and they gave me the kick up the arse I needed to get my weight back on track. So I owe them a huge thank you for that.

Now I am more than happy to eat and eat and eat until the cows come home. I finally dragged myself out of this pessimistic bubble and gained the much needed weight and the dietician can finally get off my back and stop nagging me!

But I had fashion epiphany the other day when I bought this vibrant red frill blouse from New Look in the sale for £9.


They were three sizes left:

A size 6 – That wouldn’t have even gone past my boobs.

A size 12 – My normal size for tops, but on this occasion, I knew it would have been too small for me. It wouldn’t have covered my stomach.

A size 14 – And we have a winner! It fitted perfectly and I left the shop feeling happy knowing I’d made a fabulous purchase!

This was the first time I have bought a size 14 top, and for the first time ever, I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about buying the bigger size top! Obviously I couldn’t wait to wear it and it only hung in my wardrobe for two days until I took it off the hanger and wore it. I absolutely love the frill detail on the front!

 I wore it with my River Island skinnies and a pair of George at Asda nude flats. But a couple of great things about this top is 1) It’s can be worn with black skinnies or leather trousers or leggings if you want to go for the more darker look. I wore my favourite Bourjois lipstick in the shade Hot Pepper, who says you can’t wear too much red?!


Shop The Look
Blouse | New Look
Jeans | River Island (Alternative)
Shoes | George at Asda (Alternative)

“I’ve become more confident and more comfortable in the body now.”


Certainly a lot more than I used to be. I felt I needed to strive to have a better body but do you know what? You should embrace the body you were born with and accentuate all your little flaws. Nobody’s perfect and you shouldn’t have to be made to feel that if you don’t have a flat stomach, a thigh gap and bingo-less wing arms, you are not beautiful. You are beautiful in every which way. I always think that people who offend you with ‘you’re fat’ or ‘you’re not pretty’ comments are the people who feel that way about themselves. Ignore the haters, there are plenty of people who think you are fabulous just the way you are. Don’t ever change just to please someone else. 

This new found confidence has made me more comfortable buying clothes, especially actually going into the outside world and walking into the shop to scour the rails for some bargains. I don’t feel like I need to shy away from bigger sized clothes, I feel happier to buy the bigger size if I feel it will fit better and enhance my curves. Always dress for your size and for the comfortability factor. At the end of the day, it’s clothes. It shouldn’t have a reflection on how you feel about your body. You only dress to cover all your lady bits because it would be illegal if you didn’t!
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Lucy xx 

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