Mama, I Love You!

“It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without hearing that extra-cheesy Spice Girls song”.

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day. A day where we say thanks to our Mum’s for being utterly amaze-balls throughout the year and our entire lives too.

 It is a cliché, but I can honestly say I have the best Mam in the whole wide world. The woman has done everything for me. I do mean literally everything for me throughout these last 23 years of my life. My Mam is such an inspiration to me. She’s put up with so much shit throughout her life, from my dead-beat father (and that’s putting it nicely) to making sure that I have been fed and watered to making sure I took my medication growing up as a child. I like to think she’s Wonder woman (cue the Wonder woman theme song staying in my head for hours). Some things that my Mam has done for me stand out quite boldishly (if that’s even a word!) I swear since I’ve started blogging I make up these random words as I go along! Maybe I should publish my own dictionary…
Anyway, back to the topic at hand, yes, my Mam has done many things to keep my spirits high when I felt like giving up and for just being bloody brilliant. Here are a few things (even though I could name hundreds) of the wonderful, stand out-ish things my Mam has done for me:

1) Staying in hospital with me

Oh yes, the many hospital stays I have endured since the age of six. Throughout all the stays when I was in paediatrics, my Mam would sleep in the bed which was nearest to the window in my room. Each hospital stay meant taking the dreaded walk to the treatment room to lie on the bed and have a doctor try and access a vein for my long line. We could be in that room for three hours trying to get a line in, but she would always be there holding my hand, sweating her buns off as it was always bloody boiling in the room as there was always about six people in there at a time. Doctor’s, nurses, my parents and me all dripping with sweat, it never occurred to anyone to pop the window open. One thing that I’ll always remember, she doesn’t know that I know this, but I knew that she used to stop the syringe driver from beeping when my IV’s were being pumped in me late at night so I wouldn’t wake up. I was always awake at night anyway, but knowing she did that for me melts my heart.

2) She introduced me to football

My Mam, believe it or not, used to play football! And she’s bloody good at it too! In her job in the school, she’s the kids football coach, the kids bloody love her. I’ll never forget when she nutmegged me when I was helping out once, being nutmegged by your mother, not a sentence you hear every day. Thanks to her I started watching football and supporting Liverpool Football Club. I’m just going to put this out there, Danny Ings, Jordan Henderson and the other Liverpool players should be grateful to my Mam cause if she hadn’t got me watching football, they wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting me. So they should thank my Mam really.

3) Getting me through college

I never would have completed my three years in college if it wasn’t for my Mam. When I started my childcare course, after the first day, I wanted to give up, it all seemed too much and too difficult for me to complete. I didn’t think I had the brains or persistence to get through those two years of work and placements. But she made me see that I could do it, and if I did it I can achieve anything. She was right. So thanks to her I have been a qualified Childcare Level 3 worker for the last five years and I haven’t looked back.

4) Never gave up on me when I wanted to give up

She never has. Days when I wanted to give up on myself and just let myself rot, she picked me back up with just a few encouraging and inspiring words and I would forget what I was upset over.

5) Her jokes

If anyone knows my Mam they know that she is the queen of jokes. Like seriously, no one even comes close. Everyone manages to buy her a joke book for Christmas or for her birthday. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t hear a silly joke. Some of her friends tell her to f**k off (in a nice way!) but I’ve gotten so used to it, I just listen and let them sink into my brain, she does tell funny ones mind, she’s the expert at off-the-cuff jokes, they’re the ones that make me laugh the most. Or even the way she says things sometimes make me fall about in fits of laughter. If there’s a day when she’s not cracking jokes then I’ll know there’s something seriously wrong.
So Happy Mother’s Day Mam, thank you for everything and thank you for just being you.
Lucy xx

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