Five Reasons To Watch Fifty Shades Darker


“After what felt like an eternity (well, two years) the next sequel in the Fifty Shades films, Fifty Shades Darker was finally out in the cinemas”

The date was set for me and my friend Lucy to go and watch it and we were both as equally eager to see the film as each other! I’ve read the books so I had a good idea what would happen in the next film. It’s always interesting to see if the film will be as good as the book you’ve read.

Fifty Shades of Grey didn’t disappoint me so I was expecting something really good with the second film. Even though I had an idea of what was going to happen, I was still itching to see what happens next with Ana and Christian.

"And it is safe to say that I was not disappointed”

The love story between Ana and Christian is still as strong as it was in the first film and there are so many secrets that to come to light, particularly from Christian’s past.
If you haven’t seen the film yet, read below my five reasons why you should go to Cineworld, get some Pick n Mix and a drink (or in my case, smuggle in a packet of  Quavers and a bottle of water in) and find the perfect seat to enjoy this film:

1) Just For Jamie Dornan Alone

Oh Jamie Dornan, the second love in my life (first being Danny Ings of course) this is the part where I would use the heart shaped eyes emoji cause he genuinely did look gorgeous in this film. Especially at the masquerade ball wearing that mask making him look a teeny bit like Batman in a tuxedo.

 2) Mrs Robinson is introduced

We see the infamous Mrs Robinson aka Elena Lincoln, Christian’s ex. She hates the fact that Ana is with Christian and will anything to break up the relationship, even to the point where she tells Ana at the masquerade ball that if she loved him she would walk away. At that point you say to yourself ‘bitch’. But it’s great how Ana gets her revenge near the end of the film.

3) Jack Hyde

Ana’s boss, Jack Hyde. Seems like a good boss at first. Praising Ana how well she’s doing at her job, gets her coffee in the morning and offers to take her for a drink at the end of the week. Think we would all like a boss like that! But the niceness doesn’t last for very long…as Ana sees when she doesn’t agree to go on a business trip with him…

 4) Leila the psycho

Yes, another one of Christian’s exe’s makes an appearance and decides to stalk the couple, to the point where she breaks in to Ana’s apartment with a gun in hand…(tense pause)

5) Christian opens up

We finally see the side of Christian every girl wants to see – his emotional, loving side. He finally reveals his true feelings for Ana and you can finally see how much he loves her and never wants to be without her. Ana also shows how much she can’t live without him, you can see that near the end of the film.
So there you have it, my five main reasons that you should get off your backside and get to Cineworld to watch it. I could think of anymore but I don’t want to keep giving away spoilers.
One thing I need to say is that the soundtrack in the film is bloody brilliant too. Some of the songs that I have already downloaded onto my IPhone are:
1) Corinne Bailey Rae – The Scientist
2) Zayn and Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
3) Sia – Helium
4) JRY ft. Rooty – Pray
5) Halsey – Not Afraid Anymore
6) Nick Jonas ft. Nicki Minaj – Bom Bidi Bom
Honestly my lovelies, give these songs a listen, they work so well in the film and each scene they’re used in. One little thing you should all know if you haven’t seen it yet, stay until after the credits start rolling, there’s a little surprise in store…
Thankfully we don’t have to wait for too long for the third and final instalment as it will be out in February 2018.
If you have seen the film already, what did you think of it? Leave a comment in the box below!
Lucy xx

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