The Florist, Bristol

Recently, I attended House 21's magazine launch event at The Florist in Bristol. As I'm a contributor for the online magazine, I was invited by the lovely ladies and creators of House 21 Mel and Donna to the launch event alongside other amazing contributors to celebrate our fabulousness over scrumptious food and Instagrammable cocktails.

Dress // Zara
Sandals // New Look

Now, before we get into the juicy details of what I ate and drank at The Florist, the day marked a very (in my eyes) huge accomplishment for myself - it was the first time I had EVER drove over the Severn Bridge into the country that is England! Whenever I have crossed the Welsh borders, it's either been on a school trip in work to Bristol Zoo, my bestie has driven us to Liverpool or when I've been on family holidays or airports. So yeah, well done to yours truly for making that first crossing and not crashing! High fives all round!

Sorry, I'm digressing now. I have the tendency to do that sometimes! Anyway, after a pretty humorous car journey and trying not to piss anybody off on Bristol City Centre's roundabouts, we arrived. Walking in, my eyes literally lit up like Christmas tree lights. The place was probably THE most Instagrammable place I've ever been to. The place had a lovely pastel d├ęcor with the odd neon light scattered on the walls, perfect for my Insta grid.

After ordering drinks, we headed upstairs, was greeted by the gorgeous hosts then I had my picture taken in front of the beautiful floral wall. From that moment on, I fully realised that I needed a floral wall for every Instagram picture I will take in the future. Unfortunately, they're quite expensive, so I'll just have to go back to the small space of white wall in my bedroom.

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Let me tell you something that I love about restaurants? Ones that bring that keep delivering small plates of sausages. They are my kind of restaurants. Ones that bring you food without you asking for it - I will literally love you forever.

Through all the scoffing of the plates of food and drinking juicy cocktails (mocktails for me as I was the designated driver!) it was time to play a game of matching the contributor to the right post they had written. A task a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, my group got 6 right, which wasn't too bad!

Only the dessert table, forget to take a picture of the buffet table beforehand

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon! One thing I love about these events, particularly House 21's events, we're all in the same boat. We're all blogger's that are pushing content on a weekly basis and it's fantastic to meet like minded people. As there are not many blogger's where I live, I struggle to talk about things blogging to my friends and family, purely because I think I would be a good cure for insomnia!

I need to say my thank you's to Mel and Donna for organising a fabulous day, The Florist for providing us with banging food and for having us and to all the amazing ladies I met that afternoon! Also a mini thank you to the man who kindly pumped up my tyres at Tesco Express so I wouldn't get dirty in my dress, I haven't forgotten you!

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*I was not asked to write this post by House 21, The Florist or the tyre pumper at Tesco Express, I just did it off my own back.
**Also image credit for a few of these images goes to this lovely man -

  1. Such a pretty place. I've only been to the Liverpool one.

    1. I'm aiming to go to the Liverpool one next time I'm up there!

  2. So fun and this place is stunning! Every corner is a photo opt.

  3. I'm so glad that you had a great time! I love the floral wall <3 such a pity you can't get one in your room at home!

  4. This looks like a lovely event, I'm so jealous! It must've been amazing meeting some other bloggers and the food looked pretty fab too! X

    1. It really was Faye! Blogging events are such a brilliant way to meet bloggers from different cities! x

  5. Your dress is so pretty. It looks like such a fun event to attend.