Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Use Pinterest

Before blogging, I'd heard of Pinterest, but all I knew about it was that teachers or student teachers used to get lesson ideas or inspiration on how to design the home corner in the classroom.
But since I've entered into the blogger-verse, Pinterest has been my go-to app for inspiration for my blog or whenever I get myself stuck in the 'can't think of anything to bloody write about' phase in regards to blog posts.

I use Pinterest for other things also. There are so many ways to take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer.

Here are my five reasons why you have a Pinterest account:

I N S P I R A T I O N 
If I ever get stuck for outfit inspiration, I just search for a certain colour or item of clothing and I can always find an outfit similar to one that is hanging in my wardrobe. I have given myself so many outfit ideas, not only has it saved my wardrobe, it's saved me money. Buying one quality piece and wearing it many times is better than having a wardrobe packed with one-wear only items or wearing them once or twice and then shoving them to the back of the wardrobe to gather dust. Pinterest has saved me money, who'd have thought?!

I'm a lover of a good quote. Quotes are a good way to express what you are feeling or say how your life is panning out. They are a great way to get across how I am feeling if I can't find the exact words to explain it. You can always find a good quote on Pinterest. All I need to do is type in a few words and the right quote is right there waiting for me to save on my 'Quotes' board.
I D E A S 
You can't be a blogger if you haven't gone through the 'can't think what the bloody hell to write' phase. I've been there, sat on the settee with my laptop perched on my lap, with a blank Blogger draft page just staring me out, looking absolutely stumped. But Pinterest has surprisingly been my saviour whenever my blogging brain has gone bone dry of ideas and I need that little sprinkle of inspiration for subjects to write about.

I D E A S 
For the last month or so, I've been redecorating my bedroom. It's been so much fun to do. I've actually fallen in love with buying bedroom furniture and scouring the Internet for the best prices and buying furniture that will last me for years to come. Before I started, I was unsure as to what colour scheme I wanted to go for and how I would go about buying stuff to fit into that theme. Searched Pinterest meant I could look at all kinds of themes and colour schemes until I had found the theme I wanted to go for. Pinterest not only gives you ideas for bedroom d├ęcor, but for all rooms of the house, even the garden!
W O R K O U T S 
I love exercising, it's become a part of my relentless routine over the last few years. I try and mix things up when it comes to what workouts I do on a monthly or even a weekly basis. It's better to vary your workouts than focus and complete the same ones every week, otherwise, it could end up you seeing exercise as a chore and not an enjoyment. Pinterest has provided me with a new workout on a daily basis, whether it be a workout to help get rid of the muffin top, bingo wings, thigh wobble or even the boob chub (the fat that hangs out of the sides of your bra). Spotebi workouts are really good, such variety and they are guaranteed to get me sweating and out of breath.
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What are your reasons for using Pinterest?

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