80 Acts Of Kindness

It's World Kindness Day today.
Does it hurt to do kind things? No it bloody doesn't. It only takes a few seconds or minutes to do an act of random kindness. It makes you feel incredibly better for the rest of the day and the person you've helped will remember you for that. Being kind doesn't mean it has to be a huge grand gesture, it's sometimes more about the smallest things that brighten people's days. Here are some, well 80, acts of kindness that you can easily do, some you may already do without realising it:

1) Open the door for someone
2) Say your please's and thank you's
3) Help someone carrying loads of shopping
4) Treat a loved one to a drink or meal
5) Donate clothes to charity
6) Buy flowers for a loved one who needs cheering up
7) Tell a special someone you love them
8) Let someone go ahead of you in a queue if you have more shopping than they do
9) Return a trolley back to the trolley shelter
10) Buy a homeless person a cup of tea or coffee
11) Buy a poppy for Remembrance Day
12) Compliment someone's outfit
13) Volunteer for charity events
14) Tip your takeaway delivery person
15) Smile at people you come across
16) Give encouragement
17) Welcome new neighbours into your street
18) Be a courteous driver
19) Be truthful
20) Plan a Macmillan Coffee morning
21) Teach someone something new
22) Apologise for any wrongdoings
23) Catch up with an old friend
24) Be the one to ask how someone is
25) Ask someone how their day is going
26) Be a good listener
27) Tip your waiter/waitress
28) Take a neighbours parcel in when they're out
29) Care for animals
30) Be an organ donor
31) Leave a positive comment on a website you like
32) Write a good review for a place you've been to
33) Cook a meal for your family
34) Donate blood
35) Arrive on time
36) Offer help to someone who needs it
37) Be patient
38) Hold the lift for someone
39) Bring in your neighbours bins
40) Call your grandparents
41) Buy a loved one an unexpected gift
42) Be a role model
43) Make visitors a cup of tea
44) Pick up litter
45) Say 'Good Morning'
46) Send a note of appreciation
47) Compliment someone's Instagram photo
48) Share your umbrella when it's pouring down
49) Offer your coat if someone is cold
50) Be thankful to the NHS
51) Recycle
52) Write thank you notes
53) Compliment someone when they've had their hair cut
54) Tell your parents you love them
55) Make someone laugh
56) Share an uplifting quote
57) Wish someone good luck
58) Make a new friend
59) Be more open minded
60) Give someone directions if they're lost
61) Say excuse me when you need to get past
62) Don't judge
63) Give someone directions if they're lost
64) Bring in biscuits/cake for co-workers
65) Be nice to your boss
66) Give up your seat for a pregnant woman
67) Give up your seat for a disabled person
68) Be appreciative
69) Respect others
70) Clean up after yourself
71) Be honest
72) Help the elderly
73) Say 'Good Evening'
74) Compliment a blogger's blog post
75) Say 'Get Well Soon' to someone who is unwell
76) Empathize with someone's situation
77) Be compassionate
78) Be accepting
79) If someone has dropped money in front of you, give it back to them
80) Throw kindness around like confetti
Can you think of any acts of kindness I haven't put in my list? What is the biggest act of kindness you've done to someone?
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  1. This is such a great list. So many things don't cost a penny but can really make someone's day.