I'll admit it, I use my Iphone too much

I'm currently tapping this post out using the standard QWERTY keyboard that's set on my Iphone. Whatever happened to the days when if you needed and wanted to get your thoughts out there, we had to have a pen and paper handy? We have reached the point where we tap our thoughts and reminders in the Notes app. Welcome to the digital era.

This made me think about my phone and how heavily I rely on it in my everyday life. Think of it, for me personally, it's my clock/wrist watch (my wrists are too small to hold watches!), my way of interacting with people across the UK and even the world, it's my calendar, my alarm clock, my alarm to remind me when I need to check my blood sugar levels, it's a 1/4 of my daily communication, my photo album, my map, my Yellow Pages, my BT phonebook, my own personal radio, my digital camera and my calculator.

Crikey, I didn't realise how useful an Iphone is.

Now, the big question is this - do I rely on my phone too much to get me through the day? I'll confess, maybe I do.

But modern mobile phones have made it so much easier for us to carry out everyday activities, we don't feel the need to use the seem to be deemed unfashionable items like pen and paper, paper phone books and watches with a dial to help us throughout the day.

I am so glad that my childhood wasn't based around so much technology and I actually spent my days off from school going outside and playing tag with the neighbour's kids in the street.

Sometimes I do wish I was an adult in the 90's, I would love to envisage my life with no gadgets and mod cons that are available at our fingertips today. Back then, mobile phones cost a fortune and they were the size of bricks and had a mini aerial attached to the top for us to get a signal. People thought you had a bit of money if you had a mobile phone back then. I would have had to use a home telephone to communicate with my family and friends.

Things seemed much more innocent in the past. Kids as young as 9 weren't reliant on getting the new Iphone and texting their friends as soon as they stepped foot outside the school gates.

I used to go home, sit down with my Mam and Dad and we talked about our days face to face with actual eye contact. I know that sounds very 1950's, but you get the idea. We didn't stare at a screen catching up with the latest happening's in the social media world.

Like I said near the beginning, I do admit that I may use my phone a little too much. But I feel I'm getting better at looking at it so much, especially on the weekends.

Maybe we should all try to give ourselves breaks from our phones at least 1 day a week. It might do our mind's the world of good not constantly refreshing apps every 2 minutes.
Do you think that you use your phone too much?
Do you put your phone away once in a while to give yourself a break?

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