A Girl Who Loves Football

Quite a different post for me to write but as the 17/18 Premier League football season is about to commence, I wanted to talk about the main love of my life - Liverpool Football Club.

Yes, shock, horror! I'm a girl who loves watching football. Ever since I was 13, my weekends wouldn't be walking around the local area with a herd of school mates gossiping about the latest going on's in school that week, it would be sat in front of the TV watching the Reds play home or away from Anfield. I was quite a girly girl growing up so I think it surprises a lot of people when I tell them I love watching football.

Now, I hear you ask, how did you start watching football? Well, and trust me to reference CF in this, it all started when I was ill in hospital in 2006, I was having serious bowel blockages and they didn't seem to let up in that year. I felt like I needed something to take my mind off everything CFey, so after I came home from yet another inpatient stay, the World Cup was taking place in Germany. Of course with my Mam being the only person in the Taylor household at the time with any good football knowledge, especially for her team, Liverpool, she had the matches on constantly. As I chatting to my friends on good old MSN, for those youngsters who don't know what that is, it was an online messenger service us high school kids used before our trusty Iphones came along.

I'm digressing now, so yes, as I was on my laptop, I found myself peeking over the laptop screen to watch the likes of this player in an England shirt called Steven Gerrard. I remember my Mam talking about him before, so I had a rough idea that he played for Liverpool. At this point, my knowledge of football was literally zero. I didn't know when refs were supposed to give red and yellow cards, I couldn't even begin to start explaining what the offside rule was.

But as time went on, I started watching football, especially as the 06/07 season was just around the corner, my football knowledge grew, as did my undying love for Liverpool FC. Over time, I could finally understand why my Mam loved football so much. I felt drawn in and those 90 minutes were so intense and nerve-racking and exciting at the same time, it still feels that way today, maybe twice as much, or worse, or however you want to put it.

Watching football, particularly Liverpool, for just 90 minutes every weekend, seems to take my mind away from anything Cystic Fibrosis related, it's exactly what I need. I love how an hour and a half of my day on a weekend, or if i'm lucky, a weekday too, sees me forget all the troubles and problems CF brings me on a daily basis. I call it a focus, a focus away from my daily health troubles.

Is watching Liverpool play a form of escapism? I think so. And what a form of escapism it is, watching a team I adore so much play. This football club also led me to have my dreams come true (sickly cliché I know).

In February 2016, being inside Melwood (where the players train) was just the thing dreams are made of. What a wonderful morning. Meeting the team was just incredible, an utterly unforgettable few hours. I lived the dream of millions of Liverpool fans all over the world. For me, that is beyond extraordinary and bloody brilliant.
So thank you Liverpool Football Club for being my form of escapism from CF and for just being amazing. I feel honoured and proud to support such an incredible team of players and a bloody brilliant football club.

You'll Never Walk Alone
(I'll get the new shirt soon, promise!)
Lucy xx

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