Getting My Sass Back

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I needed some space and time to myself to get my head together and think.

So here's a little update - has the space and time spent away from everyday life worked? Absolutely.

Being left alone and being able to concentrate on me made me realise that the problems and worries I had weren't as significant as I thought. I still had these concerns floating around in my head (but not as bad) this time last year so I thought to myself, what had actually changed?

And what I realised was that this time last year, I achieved and did so much by this time a year ago, I'd been to Liverpool twice and was planning to travel back up there a few weeks later, started a new job, amongst other things. And this year has seen me only having one amazing weekend in Liverpool and that's it. I realised that last year I was very fortunate and 2017 hasn't lived up to the hype I was hoping it would.

I feel a lot more upbeat in myself, I wake up in a better mood now than I did before. I feel a lot more positive not just about my day to day life in general, but I also feel a little more optimistic about my future too.

One thing that did help me was talking to someone, which I'm really grateful to this person for, it helps talking to someone who is impartial and won't tell me the things I need or want to hear or be too honest to the point where it would put me down. I just wanted somebody to help me, but more importantly, listen to me.

To just get everything off my chest was emotionally draining but it did me the world of good. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She made me realise that I need to make plans more and stick to them, especially as I now have six weeks off for the summer holidays (perks of being a teaching assistant). She told me that whenever I feel myself getting into a bad place, I need to venture out, even if it's just for a drive in my car. Not good for the carbon footprint but still.

One thing I find that definitely helps is when you wake up in the morning, I think of something good that is going to happen that day. It could be something as simple as going to the gym (yes, really), knowing I got a parcel being delivered by my trusty postman in a few hours time or when I know Liverpool are playing.

That really helps me leap out of my comfy bed and get on with the day. Having Cystic Fibrosis does mean that there are days when I wake up when I can't be arsed to do anything and I'd rather stay in bed and not do anything. But I don't want to be like that, I'm quite a get-up-and-go girl, so people there was something seriously wrong with me if I decided to just laze around in bed in my pyjama's doing sod all.

So that's my little sum up of how much I'm feeling better mentally and I can finally say I'm looking forward to what's ahead for me.

For those who are afraid to speak out about how they are feeling or feel like they're not going to be listened to, let me tell you, there's always somebody there to listen and you're not alone. Don't be scared to say something.

Lucy xx

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