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8 April 2019

Travelling with CF

Even packing away for just a two day weekend, I get myself into such a tizz in making sure I've packed everything.

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One episode of Friends in particular reminds me of this. The episode where they're all off to London to see Ross get married to Emily, Monica says "Check!" after she packs everything in her bag - that is exactly like me. Also along with that, I have a paper checklist, I tick it once I've packed an item I need and also literally open my suitcase to double check AGAIN to make sure I got the essential things I need for the next two days; that's just clothes and makeup, I'm even worse when medication gets involved!

The thing with Cystic Fibrosis, when I go away somewhere, I can't exactly take a break from all the meds, physiotherapy or treatments, the doctors would have a fit if they thought I would leave anything behind before I stepped foot on a plane/train/car/boat. (circle all that apply).

So if I travel anywhere, all the meds need to be my companion too. Which can sometimes mean a whole other suitcase/hand luggage just for the Creon and Colomycin vials. Also the insulin pen, the spare insulin pen and don't get me started on the E flow machine (thank god that's reasonably small!)

I haven't been on a plane in nearly 12 years, purely because I haven't been able to afford a holiday abroad and I have kind of let CF hold me back without realising it. With people who have CF, we have to take some things into consideration before we step foot out of the country. There's travel insurance, which can cost a bomb if you don't shop around enough. One company I have seen a lot of CFer's use is , they are brilliant for people who have chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Another thing CFer's have to face, only if they're flying, is the 'fit to fly' test. This involves checking blood oxygen levels, if they're too low, this will mean you will need to take oxygen with you on a plane. You may not need it, but it's always good to have by your side if the altitude levels get too much. If you don't need oxygen, then it's time to shout HALLELUJAH! You can get on the plane fuss free! However, some airlines charge for the use of oxygen, so please check with your airline before travelling.

When I pack, I always make sure I've got my Creon and insulin at hand, they're the most important meds in my opinion (obviously others may not agree). I also I've got salt tablets, which will definitely be needed if you're going to a hot country, the amount of salty sweat you lose is unreal. You need to restock on the salt in your body.

As much as travelling as a CFer is a big pain in the backside, it's important to HAVE FUN! At the end of the day, it's a holiday which is definitely well earned. We all go through so much on a daily basis, why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves like everyone else?! It's all about making memories and just enjoying life and the world that's out there for us to see.

I know that there are so many other things to remember which I haven't listed, but just use your common sense and just ask your doctor if you're not 100% sure.

For more information on travelling with CF, visit the CF Trust's travel page.
*This post contains items gifted by So! and Figleaves, but all travel views are my own. This post also includes affiliate links which you can read about in my disclaimer. 


  1. I have just got insurance with that company, nearly £200 cheaper than any other company and they ask the right questions. My carry on bag always weighs a to with meds.

    1. I’m not surprised Anne! It’s just so much stuff to carry! x

  2. That was a great read and thanks for sharing with us Lucy! x

    Anaïs |

  3. It must be so annoying with how much extra you have to carry around with you, I have to make a checklist before going away as it is because I'm so bloody forgetful. I can't imagine how much more difficult it must be with all the essential extra things you need. I've always wondered how bad travel insurance costs can get if you're chronically ill, it's good to know that there are certain places that price things a little more fairly! I hope you have lots of amazing travelling memories and more to come in the future :-)

    Alice xx

    1. Aww thank you Alice! I hope I get to travel more too! xx

  4. Wow thanks for sharing! That's a lot of meds! I get worried travelling with mine because although my meds take up barely any space they are a controlled substance in most countries and I get scared that customs will try and take them off me (even with my doctors note) and I'll end up in rapid withdrawal abroad.

    1. That is a big worry for when you go abroad, I think that's what puts off people who have illnesses and medication to carry!

  5. It must be annoying having to travel with all those meds, but I applaud you for not giving up! It's so important to not let it hold you back and to still have fun! <3


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