One Year Bloggerversary

My blog has reached its milestone of being published on the Internet for one whole year!

I can't believe how quickly the time has come around! Around this time last October, I was contemplating whether to start my own blog or not. Would people I know think that it was a stupid idea? Would people read anything that I wrote? Could I maintain a blogging schedule?
I can thankfully say that all those questions I asked myself a year ago, I have answered positively today.

I've been on such a journey with my blog and everything to do with blogger-verse.

One thing I've loved about blogging is chatting to different bloggers every week and reading such amazing posts and content and also staring in awe at their impressive photos.

A little problem that I have had to keep under control is trying to stop myself comparing my blog to others. I find myself looking at bloggers with their modest minimalistic website layouts and I yearn to be as good as they are. But do you know what? Myself and all bloggers are all unique and if we ended up writing the same things as each other and having the same websites as each other, the blogging world would be such a tedious place. Am I right?

Looking at my blog from a year ago, which I set up through Wix at first before I switched to Blogger in the summer, I've learnt so much and my writing has improved massively in my opinion. I'm not rambling on about needless and pointless shit which doesn't need to be written or read.

I've also faced some challenges along the way. I have learnt so much and still do to this day. Blogging is a constant learning curve, you always learn something new. Whether it's ways to improve your engagement or different ways to use social media to your advantage in regards to new blog posts.

My biggest lesson in blogging has got to be pictures. It's a simple equation good quality pictures = good engagement and an increase in readers, well, a part of the reason. This is one lesson from myself which will go on for a while yet, but it's one I'm keen to keep learning from. I want them to be eye catching and draw the reader in like the suction on a Dyson. Well, you get the idea.

So Happy Birthday to my blog! Hopefully by this time next year my blog will still be going strong!

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