39 Things About Me

I love reading blogger's posts telling all us readers about who they are and giving us a little insight into their likes and dislikes and just all round random facts about themselves. And it occurred to me, I haven't done a post like that since I started blogging! So, you want to know why I love Steps and why I'm wary about driving on the motorway?

Then read on!...
1. I'm Scwelsh. Well, technically, I'm 100% Welsh. But because I go to Liverpool quite a lot, I suppose I have a hint of Scouse in me. My friend Sam came up with this nickname for ourselves, we always call each other Scwelsh.

2. I take 20 different medication a day. Bloody Cystic Fibrosis. I can't escape from it.

3. I want to live in Liverpool. Oh yes, my dream place to live. Whether I will in the future remains to be seen, but I can dream can't I?

4. Swearing is my worst habit. But it's a habit which I bloody love! I've always been the same, swearing, for me, is a way for me to vent anger.

5. I don't have a specific taste in music. For me, when it comes to listening to music, which I do, A LOT, I don't listen to a certain genre, like hip hop or R'N'B, my taste is very eclectic, if I like the song, I'll listen to it.

6. I prefer books to Kindles. This is where my old fashioned soul comes to light, I do prefer holding a paperback or hardback books, I actually prefer picking at the pages to turn them rather than scrolling through to the next page on a screen of a Kindle.

7. I prefer Kodak photos than IPhone photos. Here's my old fashioned soul coming through again. I love holding photographs which have been developed from Photobox rather than scrolling through dozens of photos on my phone. Kodak photo's feel more personal to me.

8. I still get ID'd for scratch cards. Yep, that's not embarrassing going to my local Tesco Express and getting asked for ID to buy a £2 scratch card even though I'm 24 years old.

9. I relate to all the characters from Friends. My all time favourite comedy. And I have qualities from each Friend. I love fashion like Rachel, I'm obsessively clean like Monica, I'm eccentric like Phoebe, I love my food like Joey, I'm sarcastic like Chandler and a bit of a geek like Ross.

10. My middle name is my Nan's name. Mary. Hence my blog name - Lucy Mary.

11. My first name was going to be called Molly. Thank god my Mam changed her mind. Molly Mary? My face screws up in embarrassment just thinking about the thought that my name could have been that.

12. My ideal night out is in the pub with my family. I've had so many 'laugh till I wee' moments with my family (not literally, but you know what I mean) and spending time with them is simply wonderful.

13. Steps are my guilty treasure. I love Steps. I think I know every word to every song they've done and can probably recite all the dance routines from each song too. One For Sorrow is my favourite song.

14. I'm a Fifty Shades fan. I've read the books and seen both films so far. Absolutely loved them. The third and final film will be out in February 2018 and I cannot bloody wait.

15. I love Jamie Dornan. Fact 14 led me very nicely into fact 15. Ah yes, Jamie Dornan aka Christian Grey. One word - lush.

16. I've supported Liverpool Football Club since I was 13. All that needs to be said is that I adore the club.

17. I started this blog as a form of escapism from my everyday life. It was worth it. I love blogging now and I can't wait to see what my blog looks like in the future!

18. My dream is to work for LFC. Without a shadow of a doubt. I'd clean toilets at Melwood or Anfield if it meant me working as part of Liverpool Football Club.
19. I have an irrational fear of lorries. I hate the bastards. I've always had an irrational fear of lorries since I was a kid. That's why I try and avoid the motorway at all costs. I hate being near them.

20. I have no problem watching a Venflon needle being injected in me. But I can't stand watching somebody else have it done. I have to turn away. But with myself, I prefer watching it being done, I don't get so worked up over it. I'd love to hear other CFer's opinions on this one!

21. McDonald's is not my favourite fast food place. I prefer a Chinese takeaway over a McDonald's. Never been fussed on them.

22. I have two cats called Charlie and Lily. They're little bugger's but I wouldn't swap them for any other cats.

23. Vodka and Rosé are my favourite alcoholic drinks. Basically anything with a hint of vodka in I adore and rosé is just lovely and refreshing, especially during the summer. But I think vodka and cranberry juice is my first choice drink.

24. I love Royal Family documentaries. I'm absolutely fascinated with anything to do with the Royal Family. My favourite subject in school was history so I loved it when the subject of our Royal's came up.

25. I have no tattoos or piercings. Literally nothing. Out of the two I think I'd rather have a tattoo than get something pierced.

26. I don't drink tea or coffee. Except green tea. I can't stand the taste of normal tea or coffee.

27. My favourite film is Titanic. Not the bit where Jack dies. Or the boat sinking. But before that, I love the story between Jack and Rose. Wouldn't it be amazing if a similar love story happened on the Titanic in 1912?

28. I love the sound of waves. Crashing waves or just the sea in general is for me the most calming sound in the world. Genuine.

29. I love going for drives in my car. If I want to get out of the house and I have nowhere to go, just going for a drive around where I live is just as good as going clothes shopping. It's where I can have time to think and gather my thoughts.

30. I never used to eat brown chocolate. White chocolate, particularly Milkybar's, were my go to chocolate bars growing up. It's only since I've matured that I've grown to love Galaxy bars just as much.

31. I've never been to a concert. Whether it be a singer, band or a comedian, I've never been to a concert or been asked to accompany someone to one (queue the violins). Fingers crossed I will go to one in the future!

32. I'm freakishly good at spelling. The only thing I was good at in school. Not to blow my own trumpet but I can spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious but there's one word I can't spell which is the longest place name in the UK - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch - which happens to be in Wales. I'll need to practice that one.

33. I'm a bookworm. I adore reading. It's my favourite pastime. What's my favourite book? I don't really have one, to be honest. Growing up I couldn't put Jacqueline Wilson's books down. I loved them all.

34. I love weird words. Philocaly - the love of beauty
                                        Alexithymia - the inability to express your feelings
                                        Logolepsy - an obsession with words.

I have a Pinterest board just for words alone.

35. My favourite song is Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do. I could listen to this song all day and it wouldn't bore me. Such a gem from Ellie.

36. I have weird food habits. Or fetishes. Not quite sure what to call it. But yes, I'm quite fussy with my food even though I love it when it's meal time! I will only eat cereal if the milk is warmed up, I hate avocado, I don't like ice cream and I will only eat the filling of a pie and not the pastry!

37. I have my special day at Melwood as my Iphone Case. Here's the proof - always got a reminder of it when I can't be arsed to scroll through my photos to find them.
38. Halloween is my least favourite day of the year. I've never been a huge fan of Halloween. Even as a kid I hated dressing up to any Halloween parties I went to.
39. But my favourite day of the year is Bonfire Night. I absolutely love fireworks. Before I was old enough to enjoy them outside, I was to watch them from inside the house through the patio doors in my old house. I always look out for any good fire displays that I can go to in my local area. Also, sparklers are the best inventions ever.
If there is anything else you would like to know about me then leave a comment below!
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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post and finding out more about you. I love watching Titanic too.