I think I’ve only literally just recovered from last month.

So many good things happened and so many wonderful memories made, I’ve only just finished reflecting from it all.

Anyway, back to this month, June. We are officially half way through 2017. Mad, absolutely mad. Time does fly by when you’re having fun!

June will see a big birthday celebration as my cousin Jessica turns the big 2 1. It will obviously consist of lots of alcohol, laughs and possibly the odd bit of dancing to Steps – 5,6,7,8 and the YMCA. I remember my 21st, I didn’t go all out for mine, I couldn’t be arsed to! I just went to the pub with my family to celebrate. That was enough for me! But it’s been such a long time since my family has thrown a huge party up my Aunty’s house. My Aunty’s parties were always the best, from bouncy castles to singing ABBA on karaoke,  they were all memorable for different reasons. They gave me the best memories growing up as a child.

This month will also see me hopefully booking a two day-er in Liverpool for August. But that’s still in the pipeline, but it would be lovely to spend another weekend in my favourite place. Liverpool in the summer is beautiful. Watching the sunset over the Three Graces is just breathtaking. If I manage to get back up there, that means more saving up my money! Saving up money has done me the world of good, financially. I’m not spending my money on worthless shit I don’t need.

There we have it, I haven’t set any goals for this month, the thing with goals is that sometimes you feel pressured to achieving and carrying them out. So I thought it would be better to tell you my plans for the month ahead, cause technically my goals are sort out set out in my plans. To just enjoy myself and live life to the full.

What are your plans or goals for June?

Lucy xx

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