A Time For Reflection

For everyone living in the UK, it’s been a tough couple of weeks.

The Manchester attack at the Ariana Grande concert and also the recent London attack have really knocked us for six. We’ve seen and read horrendous things about how each attack happened and it’s made me sick to my stomach and broken my heart what these poor, innocent everyday people went through during these attacks. People have lost loved ones, people know someone who has seen or been caught up amongst all the carnage of each attack. It’s just tragic. I can’t imagine what everybody who has survived is going through right now, of course my heart goes out to them and the victims are in my prayers and thoughts.

But what uplifted my spirits was watching the One Love Manchester concert which was organised by Ariana Grande. I tell you what, that girl has been given a new found respect by not just me, but from us all. For a 23 year old to unite Britain through music in just a space of a few hours is just incredible. She’s done more in getting Britain to be fearless than the whole Government has managed to do in months or even years. The concert was amazing, all the artists were brilliant and it was the perfect way to show those bastards that they will not bring Britain down. Well done Ariana, you’re amazing and you should be proud of yourself.

Times like these also make you reflect about life. I know it’s a standard cliché, but we should always make each day count. Life is too short. Everything that has happened recently makes you realise that life can be taken from you as quick as a flash. Quite scary to think that but all the more motivating to get myself to make the days count. I was at a family party this weekend, listening to us all laughing over the silliest things, but more than anything, just enjoying each others company,  is, for me personally, what life is all about, making memories with your loved ones. That’s how to make your days count.

So fight on Britain! We will never be brought down!

Lucy xx

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