You know what I mean, that place you go to where you can just shut the world out around you and put all your problems to the back of your mind for a short period of time. It could be anywhere, whether it be your bedroom, taking a drive in your car or a friend’s house.
Mine is a place where I have to take a 15 minute drive through the country lanes (not doing 90mph like Ed Sheeran would). It’s a place called Goldcliff, or it’s commonly known as the Sea Wall in Newport.

It’s a Wales Coastal Path and when you walk along the path you can see Bristol across the River Severn.
The one thing I truly love about this place is that it’s so tranquil and quiet. The only sounds you can hear are the glistening waves slowly crashing against the rocks just over the wall, which, for me, is the most calming and beautiful sound in the entire world. I don’t know what it is, but hearing that is such a refreshing and invigorating sound. I can also hear the ducks quacking in the stream and the lambs and sheep bleating in the fields not so far away.
The one good thing about the silence and peace and quiet of it all is that it’s the right place to gather your thoughts and get your head together. I used to come here a lot when I was a child, my Mam always used to say that the salty air was good for my lungs. Which it is in a way, after all I inhale Hypertonic Saline through a nebuliser twice a day, so that is sort of the same thing, right?
So where was I? Ah yes, it’s important to have a place you can go to where you can just take time out and breathe (no CF pun intended) and let your problems and worries float to the back of your mind for just a short while.
Emotionally, as well as physically, it does you wonders to just find somewhere you can go to just take a little time out of your busy life and just focus on you. Sometimes I need a break, in a beautiful place, be alone and figure your shit out.
Another little place you can visit down there is the Seawall Tearooms which is near the Sea Wall (well, it’s quite obvious where it is!) it’s great for when you want to pop in for a drink or snack before or after your walk, especially in the summer months.
So, yes, if you’re from Newport like me, I’d completely recommend Goldcliff if you want a nice peaceful walk away from the strains of life.
Do you have a place or sanctuary you go to take time out?
Lucy xx