I celebrated my birthday 5 days before in the fabulous city of Liverpool with my dear friends. So it was the standard Friday – Sunday weekend with alcohol and shopping involved.
The Friday saw me travel up for 3 1/2 hours in a warm car and arrive at the ship themed Liner Hotel with it’s cabin look rooms which I loved. For people who know me well, Titanic is my favourite film so you can imagine I was in my element when I walked into the hotel! From the huge fish tank in the reception to the suitcase stack by the reception desk, I fell in love with the hotel instantly.

My friends pulled the ultimate surprise on me by having balloons and banners put up in my room 314 and I thought that was the only surprise until I turned around and looked on the dressing table to see this absolutely huge football pitch themed cake and it was iced with the words ‘Happy Birthday To The No. 1 Liverpool Fan Lucy xx’ Then came a small Pandora gift bag with a bracelet and ‘L’ charm hanging from it. What a lovely surprise and i’m so grateful to my friends who organised it for me!

The Friday evening saw us going to Pumphouse on the Albert Dock for a scrumptious meal. We eventually made our way back to the hotel and popped open the champagne in our hotel dressing gowns which Tasha bought to celebrate the start of what was to be an incredible weekend. We then went to Castaway bar which was based in the hotel for some shots and a couple of games of pool. I’ve finally found my new calling with this classic pub game, who knew how could I was with a snooker cue!

Then Saturday morning arrived and it involved a day of shopping and getting ready for the meal and cocktails which followed on Saturday night. It was great to see all of us dressed up in our glad rags and show Liverpool what us Welsh ladies have got! The evening was amazing, the meal in Yard & Coop was just stunning and the cocktails in Be At One were very luscious too!
Getting up and ready Sunday morning proved a challenge for all of us. Tired, hungry and sullen as we knew that this fabulous weekend was almost over. But we did end up going for a ride on the Wheel Of Liverpool which is next to the Echo Arena. The views from the top are mind-blowing and really open your eyes to how beautiful the city of Liverpool is. Then it was a quick stop off at a Toby Carvery for a traditional Sunday lunch. I craftily asked if we could take a tiny detour on the way home just to look at my happy place – Melwood Training Ground. I only wanted to drive past it to see it, that place holds so many happy, cherishable memories which will stay with me for a lifetime.
So yes, that is the summary of my birthday weekend, a pretty mad but awesome weekend. I would give anything to relive it.
But my birthday means more to me for one reason – I have survived another year of CF. That’s why each birthday is a milestone for me, to know that I’ve managed to get through another year with CF is such an achievement, I think and I hope most people with CF feel the same way as I do. It’s still sinking in that I’m 24, with a life threatening illness and still have no bloody clue how I’ve made it this far or how long I will keep going, well, who does anyway right?
So Happy Birthday To Me!
Lucy xx