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14 October 2019

What Constitutes As Being Brave?

Definition - showing no fear of dangerous or difficult things.

One thing I like to do now and again is take little adventures to myself. The confidence it gives me is beyond what I can even describe. That being said, when I've told people, people who know me well that I'm taking a trip to another city on my own, I always get the same reaction - "You're brave for doing that"

What Constitutes As Being Brave?

10 October 2019

I Need Help: The Benefits of Speaking to a Psychologist

Those days when you feel nothing but sadness or when dark thoughts start creeping into your mind is a moment, for me personally, when I feel I need to get help or speak to someone. When you're feeling at your worst with your mental health, it takes serious guts to admit to yourself that you need to speak to someone as professional like a psychologist, counsellor or therapist.

3 October 2019

Keeping It Au Naturale

Let me ask you something? When was the last time you posted a photo on your Instagram where you were fresh faced, makeup free, your hair was in disarray and you were wearing your scruffs? I don't think many people could answer that question. Or maybe it's a rhetorical one - it doesn't require an answer.

I'm somebody who likes to look my best. As much as applying makeup is time consuming, I love the confidence I feel when I wear makeup. Makeup is made to enhance our beauty, perfect any flaws we feel we may have. I always like to keep my hair in good condition, I wash it every three days and I style it with the straighteners or wave wand to make me look like a standard human being.

30 September 2019

The Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

I never used to be one for listening to podcasts. Purely because I didn't know anyone who had a podcast. Nowadays, they are the 'in' thing and it seems like a lot of blogger's are going down the path of creating a podcast, not just a YouTube channel.

One thing I do like about podcasts is that the people who speak through the microphone provide a more honest and open opinion. To me, they are more personal and engaging. With YouTube, you have to showcase a lot of good videography and creativity to keep your subscribers interested and entertained. I don't watch many blogger's YouTube channels, mainly Victoria (Inthefrow) because her videos are always absolutely banging and so creative.

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