17 July 2018

Dear Body

I seen a post from Harmony Blaze writing a letter to her body and eloquently describing how she feels about it. It got me a thinking, I look at my body everybody, I walk around with it and it's always with me (not that it can be apart from me anyway!) I feel certain things about my body that I've never said out loud, or in this case, in a blog post. Here is my letter to my body:

16 July 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Seven (Pages 190 - 196)

P A G E  190
Monday again! I'm up and ready for work, now I'm about to apply this -

It can't be just me that feels the same way?! My skin looks and feels bleh when I apply it! But needs must, I need to protect my skin from the Sun and face the kids at work!
I just had the hugest laugh to myself walking through the shopping centre! -
I haven't heard that phrase since I was in comp! But it's not to hear someone as young as 10 years old use language like that. He is still primary school age, I never knew any swear words at that age myself!

13 July 2018

Life Update

An honest but not too honest post for you all today. Plus I’ve seen a lot of these sorts of posts floating around in Blogger-verse so I thought I’d chime in with my own. But I’m writing this while still feeling a little raw. So bear with me if I feel the need to grab a few Kleenex’s half way through.

Here goes...

11 July 2018

Internet Detoxing

I recently went away for two days to West Wales and with the realisation when I got to my destination that there would be no WiFi for two days, I kind of wasn’t happy. But I thought “Do you know what?! I need to make the most of this and I’m gonna!”

It was a work trip so it was a residential trip with the kids I work with and there were three other teachers with me who were in the same boat as I was WiFi-wise.

Instead I made the most of my beautiful surroundings, which was a stunning view overlooking the sea with a cloudless blue sky and Mr Sunshine also made its presence known too.

I mean, how often am I going to take pictures as stunning as this?