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23 November 2020

The Health Benefits Of Going Alcohol Free

*Items in this post are PR products. Please read the end of the post for more details.

I can still remember the first alcoholic drink I drank - WKD. A lovely blue, fizzy concoction that I would drink at every night out with my family or friends. Fast forward to 2020, you'll find me with a cheeky vodka or a large glass of rose. 

However - things have changed.

19 November 2020

Why I Don't Have Guest Posts On My Blog

I started blogging back in 2016 to fulfil my passion of writing. If I had a pound for every time I've said that in Twitter blog conversations...

Anyway, back when I started blogging, I never knew that there was the option to have other blogger's write something for your own blog. 

15 November 2020

Why I'm Hoping To Get The Travel Bug Back In 2021

*There are PR products in this post. Please read the end of the post for more details. 

At the back-end of 2019, I had so many travel plans, I planned to visit at least six different parts of the UK in 2020. Then what happens, a pandemic takes over the world and completely blew mine and so many other people's travel plans out of the water.

I don't whether it's just me, but while we were all in lockdown, I felt the urge to want to travel everywhere! Maybe being locked up in the house for almost six months like a caged animal didn't help much. I'm hoping to keep the travel bug feeling until 2021 when (hopefully) it'll be safer to travel again.

9 November 2020

Blogger Or Not, Aren't We All Influencers?

I had this little brain wave for a blog post when one of my neighbours sent me a link for some CF style masks on Messenger. After sending the photo and link to my Mam, she wanted to buy one instantly.

This got me thinking, even if you're not a blogger, are we all an influencer of some sort? Even though my neighbour isn't a blogger, she influenced my Mam to want to buy a mask which she thought she would like. 

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