Organ Donation Week

The 4th September sees the start of Organ Donation Week.

Now, this isn't a post scolding you all by saying "You HAVE to be a donor" or having a go at people who haven't got a donor's card.

But there's a very good chance that I may need a pair of lungs one day in the future because of stupid CF. That's not a time I'm looking forward to or want to think about - yet.

The one thought that petrifies me about a future transplant is the thought of being put on the list and not living long enough to get the life changing call from Harefield or Papworth. There, I said it. I'm not saying that just to get the sympathy vote, it's just how I feel.

I've seen a few of my CF friends go through the struggle of being on the list but have had the transplant and have felt better than they ever have, like my lovely blogger friend Josie.

Like I said at the beginning, this isn't a post berating you if you haven't got the blue Organ Donation card in your purse/wallet. It's just to say that, well, think of it like this, we all want to do good by people, imagine the thought of potentially saving lives after you're gone? Becoming a hero in the eyes of the person receiving your liver or your kidneys? Or even your heart? I'd want to save someone after I've gone, that's why I became a donor many years ago.
Knowing I could possibly make a difference and possibly save a strangers life and allowing them to live and help them achieve a better life for themselves makes warms my heart.

I'm very fortunate that I live in Wales and that we have the opt-out scheme, which means that if you don't say that you don't want your organs donated after you've died, you are automatically made a donor. This scheme is bloody brilliant and fingers crossed it will be the same in England soon.

See, I didn't nag you all to be a donor, did I? Hopefully this post will make you understand the benefits of signing up to be a donor.

Are you a donor?
Lucy xx

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