The Year of 2016

Sum up 2016 in one word

– Life-changing (ok, maybe two words).


– Because of everything that has happened to me this year, one day in my life was the day I saw life in a completely different way, the day that I realised that dreams can come true, the day that I started to believe in myself, all be explained in my first highlight of 2016.

Highlight of 2016

– There are too many to think of! But there can only be one day that stands out more than any other day in 2016, and even in my life so far, the day was 22nd February, the destination was Melwood and that is where I met all the Liverpool players and the manager in one truly remarkable morning, all I can say is that it was literally the best day of my life and nothing will even compare to how I felt that day, I was on cloud nine all through that day, and even in the days after that. To have a day where I completely forgot I was ill and to not even think about CF for just a few hours is a gift that the players gave me that morning and I will always remember them for that, they’re in my heart for life.

Low light of 2016

– I really can’t think of anything major, but my weight dropping throughout the year and nebuliser changes have been a bit of an issue, both issues i’m determined to get sorted in 2017!

Defining moment of 2016

– My second trip to Liverpool (sounds repetitive I know!) because it gave me a new found confidence which I never thought I could ever have, I feel like I can do anything and travelling up there on my own was such a big personal achievement for me, If you had told me a year before from that May weekend that I would be heading up to Liverpool on my own, I would have laughed in your faces! I would have never have thought I would ever entertain the notion of travelling to a strange city on my own!

Something I’m thankful for

– My health (weirdly enough) for allowing me to have the best, most healthiest year of my life. I hope it can continue in 2017

CF summary

– Healthiest year of my life, no IV’s for this calendar year! Not even a dose of Cipro taken, still in shock that I’ve managed to stay this well for such a long period of time. I hope it can continue in 2017 for a little while longer, we shall see if I can break more personal health records. Weight is an issue but I’m determined to put on some weight before my annual review in January!

People I’m thankful to

– Obviously my family, without them, especially my Mam, I would be a lost soul. My amazing friends, Carla, Tasha, Lucy (2) Saffron, Gabby, Katie and Sam who have made me laugh until my tummy hurts and have happy tears streaming down my face and picked me up when I have felt down, much love to every single one of you darlings. The Willow Foundation for organising my day at Melwood, and also a special thank you to Charlotte for sorting everything out for me and for being my email buddy over the last 10 months. Also Liverpool Football Club, the players and manager for giving me one hell of a fantastic morning at Melwood in February. You’ll be in my heart always, even the ones who have moved on. One player in particular I need to say thank you to, Danny Ings, for allowing me to have two selfies with him but more than anything for saying happy birthday to me on Twitter this year, I will never forget that. I’ll be reminding him again of my birthday next year!
There you have it! My personal summary of 2016! I know 2016 has been a s**t year in regards to a lot of famous and much loved celebrities passing away and Donald Trump being elected to be the new President.
So 2016 has been an incredible year for me, ultimately the best year of my life, Thank you to everyone who has been involved in my 2016 and for making it the most memorable of my life, I’ll cherish every single memory I have made this year, there are certainly some unforgettable ones! I think 2017 has got to live up to and I really hope it does! See you in 2017!
Lucy xx


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