Insta Themes Are All Good, But...

...they're hard to keep up with, well that's my personal opinion anyway. I made the decision back in September to instil an Autumn theme on my grid. Something I don't regret doing, my engagement increased and people were taking more notice of my photography. Plus I love Autumn and everything surrounding it. I produced and posted some of my best photos during that themed Insta spell.

Then Christmas came around, I decided to do a festive theme for the month of December (obvs). However, my engagement didn't seem to be as strong as before, probably because I didn't put my heart and soul into it as I was so busy buying and wrapping presents and doing all the Christmas sha-bang.

As of the New Year, I decided to strip my Insta back to how it was pre-theme. I want to add a more personal touch to my photos again.

Something that I learnt whilst keeping my grid to a theme is that it's all very well and good, but after a while, I kept staring at it and I found it looked a little samey and uninspiring. Something I don't want my Instagram to be.

With Instagram giving us grief with the bloody 'A' word (algorithm for those who have been living under a rock) and Instagram showing our photo's on other people's feeds as and when it pleases them, it's hard to remember the reason why we were so eager to download the app when it became popular. This is speaking from a blogger's POV, but before I entered the world of blogging, the constant analysis of the amount of likes for my pictures and thinking I had to conform my feed into some sort of theme was something that never even entered my mind.

If you keep to an Instagram theme 365 days of the year, hats off to you, I struggled to keep it going for 3 months so I have great respect for those who spend so much of their time taking pictures that aesthetically fit their theme. I know I couldn't do it, unless I had more time on my hands - which I don't. I'm inhaling inhalers and popping pills every 5 minutes and trying to stop my cat from getting fat. Yep, I definitely don't have the time.

The point of this post is this, if you like to keep to a theme, then I have a lot of R.E.S.P.E.C.T (singing like Aretha Franklin, god rest her soul) for you. If you're like me and you don't attempt the themed side of Instagram, then I have a lot of R.E.S.P.E.C.T for you too. Fist pumps all round.

Do you keep to a theme on Instagram?
  1. I am with you on the Insta Theme, I constantly think about starting mine up again but it's such a faff! x

    1. It is a faff Kate! It is so time consuming x