Because I'm Happy

The beginning of this week saw us trying to beat reportedly the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday.”

It’s the time of the month where money gets really tight after the Christmas holidays, you’re struggling to keep to your diet, the keep fit plan is slowly making you want to turn back to eating 3 packets of Maryland cookies.

Times are hard for some and, let’s be honest, some are living the life they love and the life only dreams are made of, literally.
But instead of being negative and bitter, let’s be happy! We all have something to be thankful for and there are many reasons to be happy, whether it’s the biggest things or the littlest things. So it got me thinking about all the things in life that put a smile on my face:


– Sounds like a cliché, but I can honestly say I have the best family in the world. Without their support and all the ways they make me laugh, from their silly jokes, their daft poems and our famous nights out in the pub, I’d be truly lost without them. Having them in my life is a joy and a huge blessing.


– When you have the friends like the ones I got, there is no reason to moan about anything. To me, as long as my friends are happy, then I’m happy. Simple.


– Just typing the word puts a smile on my face. Whether I think about the football club or the city, Liverpool, for me, is a love that will never leave me.

Good lung function

– Nothing makes me happier than leaving a clinic appointment knowing my lung function has gone up! I feel like skipping down the corridor as I leave the hospital. I know that a good lung function means things are going the right way and that I can at least unload one thought of my mind for a little while.
Weight gain
– While some of you are trying to lose the pounds, I’m going in the opposite direction by trying to gain them! Because having CF means I can eat as much fatty foods as I can and not feel guilty, happy days!


– No, I’m not talking about the ones that are saved on your phone and you have to do a thumb scroll to find the one you want to zoom in on, I mean the old fashioned kind. The Kodak style prints that came from throw away cameras etc. They’re a better way to store memories. I got all my Special Day at Melwood photos printed from Photobox and my other trips to Liverpool stuck up on my wall in my bedroom as a reminder of all the wonderful times I’ve had up there. Can’t fault being reminded of loving memories.

Browsing for clothes online

– I love clicking the ‘New In’ button on any clothing website. It means that my wish list is going to get longer and I have a great reason to (try and) save money!


– Yes, I’m a bookworm. I love reading. I find it therapeutic and relaxing, especially in the summer whilst I’m sunbathing or cwtching up in bed at night in the winter having a read of a couple of chapters. I love the traditional way of reading…from an actual paperback or hardback book, not from a Kindle.  I love reading different books, my favourites growing up were Jacqueline Wilson books, like The Story of Tracy Beaker and The Breakfast Kid. Now, I’m not ashamed to say it, I’m a Fifty Shades of Grey fan! I bought the books years ago, not long after they were released, and I got addicted to the story of Ana and Christian from then on. Bring on February 10th when Fifty Shades Darker comes out in the cinema!

Wearing new clothes

– I love the feeling of wearing new clothes, literally as soon as I buy new clothes, I want to wear them the next day.

Lie ins

– On the weekend, my main purpose is to stay in bed for as long as humanly possible. I love sleep. Simple.

Long drives in my car

– I love driving, the independence I felt when I first started driving without somebody sat next me telling me when to turn a corner or pulling over to practice a three point turn was amazing. It still is 5 years on. I love driving in the summer, it means I can open the sunroof and have the wind flowing through my hair, I can put my sunglasses on, have the radio blasting and just let the world pass me by. I love driving down the country lanes and fast roads, I find it so relaxing and it’s great to do when I need to get out of the house and have some time for myself.

Listening to music

– Something I do every day, putting my earphones in and channeling the world out. Whether it’s when i’m exercising at the gym or lying in bed relaxing after a hard day in work, music helps me get through the day at times. I’m one of those people that if I really like a song, I’ll put it on repeat for days on end until I get tired of listening to it.

Green tea

– Thanks to my friend Saffron, she got me addicted to green tea at the beginning of last year. I find it so refreshing to drink, for me it’s my pick me up getting up on those early mornings. My favourite is Pukka Detox tea bags. I drink one once a day, usually first thing in the morning, then during the day I drink Tetley’s green tea bags. I somehow manage to drink about 3 cups of green tea a day, even though that can sometimes be a struggle to manage to fit that amount of cups in. But I love it!

Post IV baths

– Oh yes, people who don’t have Cystic Fibrosis are truly not grateful enough for having a bath. People with CF are thankful for baths, particularly ones after you finish IV’s. The thing is, when I have IV’s and the same goes to any CF person, we can’t have a proper bath at times due to the fact that we can’t get the portacath needle or catheter or PICC line wet because if it gets wet, it could result in the line being infected. So when IV’s are finished, I skip out of the hospital and as soon as I get home, I dart upstairs, start the bath running and you won’t see me for hours!


Blogging is a new found love for me now. I only set up this blog a couple of months ago with the intention of doing CF posts and writing other posts too, I really enjoy it! It keeps me busy on the weekends and I love writing, I used to like writing in school.
So there you have it, all the things that make my life a happy one. Tell me in the comment box below what things in life make you happy.
Lucy xx


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