9 December 2017

65 Things I Love About Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, I'm currently writing this after I have just finished wrapping all my presents for my family and friends. Jeez it took me ages but having a Christmas CD on in the background made the job seem easier and less hassle. How can you not wrap presents to Christmas songs, like seriously?! This got me thinking, what are ALL the things I love about Christmas? It's certainly a very festive and joyous time of year, there's so many reasons why I and so many others enjoy the Christmas season, here are some of them, well, 65 to be precise:

4 December 2017

Tips for Christmas Shopping

We are finally at the point where the thought of buying Christmas presents for loved ones creeps into our minds. Mind you, I think I started thinking about it near the beginning of November.

Is it important to be organised? Yes it is, but only to a certain extent. People who start buying Christmas presents months before the big day are too organised in my opinion. I mean, how can you remember who you've bought for whom from so long ago?! I can barely remember who I've bought presents for in November/December let alone March/April! But I can see the logic behind it, it can save you money.

2 December 2017

Love Is In The Hair

Even though I don't do it often, I love getting my hair cut.
I love thinking about the endless possibilities of what I could do to change my hair style. Will I pluck up the courage and have a completely different style or colour? But, as always, I end up having the same conversation with my hairdresser -

28 November 2017

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - November 2017

I'm writing this post in disbelief - there's only one month left of 2017! Like seriously, it only feels like yesterday since January.

Also, Christmas is coming! Now, I've done pretty good so far in regards to Christmas shopping this month, I think I'm at the halfway point with it all and that's really unusual for me. I'm never this organised so I'm quite pleased with myself to be at this point!